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Shantina   11/Nov/2001:06:01:28
Chasity Caudill Chasity's Palace 08/Nov/2001:20:44:28
I am 2 months pregnant and I have pain in my right hip, it isn't that
bad though. It extends from my hip down my leg a little. In a way it
feels like I am stretching or something. I don't know where my
ancestors are from though, but this could be a very interesting
research project. I almost lost my baby the other day due to the rh-
thing, but now I got a shot and its all good. I got an early
ultrasound out of the experience though, they are posted on my
website. Anyone feel free to email me.
kim babies 07/Nov/2001:11:26:34

i'm 36 and have two daughters, aged 28 months and 10 and a half
months. i recall having a little hip pain during my first pregnancy,
but nothing like the second one. i gained a lot of weight with each
pregnancy, and thought that might have exacerbated the problems, but
after reading comments here i'm not sure. during my second pregnancy,
the hip pain was there for about six months, but was most debilitating
during the last three or four months. standing up or sitting down was
horrible, and i hear all of you sisters about the middle of the night
bathroom runs! i had to cling to the side of the sink to settle
crookedly on the toilet!

so why am i here now? well, after 10 and a half months of losing all
that weight (78 pounds total) and getting into shape with yoga and
walking, i suddenly have the problem again. this is a pain i had never
experienced outside of pregnancy, so it's really freaking me out that
it's back. i just kept counting the weeks until i had aja so
Drew 24/Oct/2001:16:49:54

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pat   11/Oct/2001:22:37:30
Clara   10/Oct/2001:19:22:54
Eight yrs ago I had my son, by 7-8month into preg time , I gained all
my baby weight, prior to that I had lost weight through sickness, I am
small framed and don't know if this caused the prob, but my hips would
dislocate every time I would relax and hv to get up - result in
cracking them back in to place on standing- I would have to phsyc myslf
up bfr moving -on count of 3 make the move. -
Teresa   08/Oct/2001:18:16:13
I am six months pregnant and there are days where I can't move because
my hips hurt sooooo much. What can I do before it gets worse?
April   05/Oct/2001:17:46:15
I am 3weeks pregnant and I have and awful pain the goes from my hip
all the way down my leg every time I get pregnant I get this pain
it is very uncomfortable to sleep in bed on my left side
annie   22/Sep/2001:17:03:30
Pollie Rodrique   19/Sep/2001:18:50:34
Pollie Rodrique   19/Sep/2001:18:48:36
Shelbie   04/Sep/2001:22:05:52
I'm so relieved to know that there are other women experiencing the
same kind of pain I am. I am 31 years old and about 27 weeks along in
my first (and last) pregnancy and in ABSOLUTE pain in my right hip and

Funny, I, too, am of Danish descent and my mother experienced the same
kind of pain in the latter part of her pregnancy with both her children.

I have not found any relief from sleeping on my side or with a body
pillow - what I have found that works best for me is a warm bath or
relaxing swim (I live in Texas, we can swim until darn near November!)
combined with an Icy Hot rubdown.

My doctor says that it's my body getting ready for childbirth and I
tend to agree with her. She agrees that the pain sometimes can be
unbearable and is in total agreement with my methods of treatment but
it's best to find whatever works best for you.

JDavis   04/Sep/2001:17:19:06
I can honestly say that the hip and joint pain is the worse thing about
pregnancy. I am on my first and the pain started around the fifth month
but it wasn't something that a flip in bed and a stretch couldn't take
care of but I'm finally in my last month and lately it's been sooooo bad
that I have been crying myself to sleep. The pain starts in my hip and
goes right down my legs. The best way I described it to my husband is
imagine that you have the flu and every bone and muscle in your body is
screaming and that's the way my hips and legs feel. I know that walking
will help and it does do a temp fix but at night when you're totally
exhausted the last thing a person wants to do is get up and go for a
walk. I often wonder if the size of a person has anything to do with
this condition and the size of the baby? I have very narrow hips and
my doctor says I'm going to have a large baby, and everyone that I've
spoke to hasn't experienced the pain I have but they have a more room
Jessica   26/Aug/2001:01:11:53
Hi, I was born with a dislocated right hip andsince my first son was
born 4 years ago it hurts so bad all the time! I am 19 weeks pregnant
with number 3 and it seems like the bigger I get the more painful it
is. I am not of Norwegian descent,by the way.
Julie   02/Aug/2001:16:34:20
I finally found the name - pubic symphysis pain, or pelvic pain. Here
is what I found: hormonal influences cause incrased movement of the hip
and groin and tail bone areas. In some women, the bones actually
separate a little and it hurts. So what someone mentioned below about
what their doctor said it right. Doesn't make it any easier, but it is
nice to know it has a name!

Hang in there all you lovely pregnant mommas!
Julie in MD
Julie   02/Aug/2001:16:24:13
I was searching the internet trying to find the proper name for the hip
pain I have during pregnancies, and found your site. I have had 4
pregnancies, and the pain has gotten slightly worse with each. I was
stunned to see the mention of Scandinavian backgrounds, since I am
adopted but know that my bio mother was of Norwegian descent. Just nice
to know I am not alone!

We desire to have a large family, so I will probably experience this
again. It is so worth the small hip pain, for a beautiful baby!

Julie in MD
Jennifer Johnson   30/Jul/2001:21:17:51
My pain is in all joints from the hip down. Have other people
experienced this pain. How do you deal with it. Any suggestions would
be appreciated. Thanks- Jen.
Cynthia Medina   26/Jul/2001:18:57:11
I am 28 years old, married and 10 weeks pregnant with our first child.
I happened to enter your site and found the sudject that has been
really bothering me, HIP PAIN.
I have been suffering from it since I were into my 5 week. It is almost
incapacitating. I cry because of the pain specially at night. My
husband has been trying to acommodate me with pillows at night but it
doesn't seem to help. I was really starting to worry until I read your
article. The doctors here don't seem to know too much about this
condition but I'll make sure my doctor learns about it. We need help!
By the way I'm in Miami, Florida USA.
Thank you so so much for sharing with all of us your experience.
Cynthia Medina
Sarah Pearson   08/Jun/2001:15:10:11
hi it has been good to find out that there are more people who have
similar problems to me. I had a son 21 months ago and from about
18weeks into my pregnancy i had problems wiht my hips and pelvis. the
pain was worst at night time and by the time i was 7minths pregnant i
could not sleep for more than 40 mins at a time without waking with
excruciating pain. luckily my midwife and a doctor at the hospiutal i
was at decided that this wasn't normal and i made an appointment for me
to be seen by a physio who gave me a support belt and exercises but
this did not help so they decided to trya nd induce me at 38weeks.
unfortunately i had a bad reaction to the prostin gel that they use to
induce you and thought i had contractions every 90seconds for a night i
didn't dilate and my baby went into distress, they nearly gave me an
emergeancy casarean! luckily things calmed downa nd after keeping me in
for a few days the hospital sent me home for 2weeks, i continued to be
seen at out patients
Sarah Pearson   08/Jun/2001:15:08:05
hi it has been good to find out that there are more people who have
similar problems to me. I had a son 21 months ago and from about
18weeks into my pregnancy i had problems wiht my hips and pelvis. the
pain was worst at night time and by the time i was 7minths pregnant i
could not sleep for more than 40 mins at a time without waking with
excruciating pain. luckily my midwife and a doctor at the hospiutal i
was at decided that this wasn't normal and i made an appointment for me
to be seen by a physio who gave me a support belt and exercises but
this did not help so they decided to trya nd induce me at 38weeks.
unfortunately i had a bad reaction to the prostin gel that they use to
induce you and thought i had contractions every 90seconds for a night i
didn't dilate and my baby went into distress, they nearly gave me an
emergeancy casarean! luckily things calmed downa nd after keeping me in
for a few days the hospital sent me home for 2weeks, i continued to be
seen at out patients
Lisa   05/Jun/2001:22:07:31
I to have been haveing this night and morning hip problem. I have tried
a couple of things that may help. Putting a layer of egg carton foam
over your mattress (just in the places you need it)really helps. I also
found that if you lay on your back bring your knees up then drop your
legs out in a butterfly position it seems to relax all your hip and
pelvic muscles. You might look a little strange but it works! I find
that I can usualy fall back to sleep even in this position. I hope this
will bring some comfort to someone.
Annette   23/May/2001:15:08:22
Alexandra Bocioaca The road to light 22/May/2001:14:43:02
I find it quite interesting that you mention about hip pain. I did not
read in any of the pregnancy books I have (neither did I find
information related to hip pain in other web sites dedicated
I guess I may ask permission to join the club - even if I do not have a
any scandinavian blood. I do experience hip pain, during the night and
more pronounced in the morning is either the pressure exerted on
my hips by my own weight, or maybe I am growing during the night? I feel
as if I stretch during the night.
But I find this a minor inconvenience when compared to the joy I
experience from being pregnant.
Congratulations on your website!
Ann Casey   14/May/2001:17:45:28
I/m very glad to see that this is a common problem as I haven't seen it
mentioned in amy books or on any other web sites. It does make you feel
like you are going a little crazy. I was up at least 5 times last
night. I find it helps to be on a softer surface and to have a pillow
between my knees, but even then I still wake up with pain. I'm of an
Irish/Scottish background and have never heard of this before. Thanks
for the information.
J. Koshare   13/May/2001:19:36:12
Hi - I have 4 children. During the first 3 pregnancies I had no hip
problems, but with the 4th I did. Towards the end of the pregnancy,
I had problems sleeping on one side or another for long periods of time.
Then in the last few weeks, it was very frightening because I could
hardly pull myself up and had to make an effort to walk in a regular
way. My son from that pregnancy is now 3.5 years old, and I still have
problems with my right hip. It clicks in and out sometimes and is
sensitive to being leaned on for too long. I've found that walking
helps, too much sitting aggravates the condition. This probably isn't
true for pregnant women though, it's just the opposite. I'm relieved
to see that I'm not alone with this problem.
Elena Rock   13/May/2001:07:17:57
I am very excited to know that I am not "crazy" and that my pain is
shared by lots of other women! My doctor made me feel like I was dumb
and didn't know what I was talking about. My right hip started hurting
with my first child at around 4 1/2 months and about a month earlier
with my second. It would get so bad that I could not get up and walk
some days. It even hurt sitting! Sometimes there was nothing to do but
cry. It was also very hard to sleep some nights. I was a full-time
student with both of them, and I had to miss a few classes here and
there because I couldn't walk. I have never endured so much pain as I
did then, with my hip. Hopefully someone will be able to find out what
exactly this is and why. I find it very intriguing too, that this is
shared with women of Norweigan decent. My mother's side of the family
are all from Sweden!
Shelley Jackson 09/May/2001:05:06:09
I have had the crazy hip pain with this pregnancy and with my 2nd. My
first was perfect. Both pregnancies I have developed what I have been
calling sciatica in the first trimester. I am only 7 weeks along now
and I have the pain most of the day. I am scared that in a few months
I won't be able to walk.

The pain I have is in the buttocks area I call it my hip because it is
on the back side of the hip bone. It shoots down my leg sometimes.
OUCH!!! Sleep is the only thing that I have found to make it go away.
I rarely wake up with it. By 9 this morning I was feeling though.

I am very discouraged! I don't know how I'll survive this pregnancy.
I have gained little or no weight so far. My first I gained 40lbs and
2nd about 30. So I am scared!!!!

My DR says physical therapy is the only thing he recomends. I did it
with no real help with my last preg. THe good thing was that it went
away after delivery. That is until my endometriosis came back. I
thought I was in back
Marie Marie's Webpage 01/Apr/2001:22:57:37
This is one of the most fantastic web sites I've come across in
searching for pregnancy information. It's very nicely put together,
and this is the opinion of a web designer! *S* I've been experiencing
hip pain for about 2 weeks now. I'm 25, mother of one boy who is 3.5.
I'm 28 weeks into my second pregnancy. I've not yet spoken to my Dr.
about this, but I also have severe lower back pain, which is a muscular
problem that existed before, and is aggravated by pregnancy. What

Marie in Vermont
Cynthy   20/Mar/2001:21:13:14
The more people I talk to, the more I realize that hip pain is not that
unusual during pregnancy. I just never thought it would happen to
me! :) I am 34 weeks pregnant with my third child (a girl) and have
been experiencing severe hip pain (left hip only) for a couple of weeks
now. I have two boys (4 1/2 and 14 months) and I did not experience any
hip pain with them. My doctor explained that the muscles and ligaments
have softened around the hip joint due to the pregnancy hormones which
causes the ball of the joint to shift and cause the pain. He told me
there is really nothing I can do about it (except take Tylenol). I
asked him how long it will continue to hurt and he told me it would
likely return to normal about three weeks after giving birth. My
doctor also implied that I may be having hip problems this time because
of my age (I am 42). It's just unfortunate that there does not seem to
be any treatment for this pain. It is very difficult to care for two
young children
D. Foster   19/Mar/2001:01:57:09
I have hit the 6 month of pregancy and have been experiencing
tremendous hip pain over the last week in both hip sockets. I sleep on
my sides due to the baby getting so big. The pain is worse at night.
I would describe the pain as persistent and it is centered deep within
the hip and strong enough to wake me up at night. No position seems to
be comfortable and I am exhausted when I finally do get up in the

I have not called my doctor yet. I will be calling her tomorrow. In
reading through the information from people who have written to you, it
seems there may not be alot of knowledge out there on what is causing

If anyone has experienced this type of hip pain, I would appreciate
your insight and counsel on how you alleviated the pain as well as any
infro youu may have on exactly what causes this problem.

By the way, I am Portugueses, Scotch/Irish descent and not it may not have anything to do with ancestry....

Sandi Hansen   09/Feb/2001:16:09:39
I found it very interesting that this problem is most common in
Scandinavian woman. My father is from Sandeford, Norway.I have
mentioned to my doctor the intense pain that I am having and she just
says that it is 'just part of being pregnant' and recommend Tylenol but
I don't like to take any medicine while I am pregnant so I find myself
suffering through it until it goes away for the day.I am 24 with a 1
year old son and I am 32 weeks pregnant now.I had this pain with my son
as well as this pregnancy.I have tried sleeping many positions but none
seem to help.I fear that I am plauged with this until delivery.When I
wake up in the morning it takes me some time to get out of bed,and when
I finally do I can barely walk.I feel like my feet are stuck to the
floor and I have no control over my legs.My right side is the worst,with
much of the pain in my pelvis.Once I finally take that first step my
pelvic bones cracks and relieves some of the pressure.I am trying to
find out as much infor
Sandi Hansen   09/Feb/2001:15:59:42
Hello Katherine,

Finding your web site was like winning the lottery! I only know one
other woman who suffered from hip/pelvic pain during pregnacy. I found
it very interesting that this problem is most common in Scandinavian
woman. My father is from Sandeford, Norway and the other woman that I
know that had hip/pelvic pain father is from Norway as well. I have
mentioned to my doctor (who is a mother of three) the intense pain that
I am having and she just says that it is 'just part of being pregnant'.
She recomended me to take tylenol, but I don't like to take any
medicine while I am pregnant so I find myself suffering through it
it goes away for the day. I am twenty four years old with a one year
and four months old son and I am 32 weeks pregnant now. I had this
with my son as well as this pregnancy. I have tried sleeping many
positions but none seem to help. I fear that I am plauged with this
until delivery. When I wake up in the morning it takes me some
Sandi Hansen   09/Feb/2001:15:57:47
Hello Katherine,

Finding your web site was like winning the lottery! I only know one
other woman who suffered from hip/pelvic pain during pregnacy. I found
it very interesting that this problem is most common in Scandinavian
woman. My father is from Sandeford, Norway and the other woman that I
know that had hip/pelvic pain father is from Norway as well. I have
mentioned to my doctor (who is a mother of three) the intense pain that
I am having and she just says that it is 'just part of being pregnant'.
She recomended me to take tylenol, but I don't like to take any
medicine while I am pregnant so I find myself suffering through it until
it goes away for the day. I am twenty four years old with a one year
and four months old son and I am 32 weeks pregnant now. I had this pain
with my son as well as this pregnancy. I have tried sleeping many
positions but none seem to help. I fear that I am plauged with this
until delivery. When I wake up in the morning it takes me some tim
Mona Berland   03/Feb/2001:16:10:22
I just wanted to share my current experience with hip pain. I am half
Norwegian and half Japanese, and I am 28 weeks pregnant. I started
experiencing hip pain in my 24th week on my left side when I am
asleep. The pain gets so intense, that I am constantly having to roll
over to my right side to sleep. During the day, I am fine. It is
interesting to read that so many Norwegian women experience this pain.
I think I am going to buy a feather bed and see if that helps at all,
after reading one of your entries that a soft bed helped one woman out.
It's great to know I'm not the only one out there going through this.

Andrea Greenwood   29/Jan/2001:21:20:00
T. Coleman   10/Jan/2001:21:41:15
I am eight months pregnant with my first child and I've had problems
with hip pan from day one! My problem, however, is my doctor blames
every pain I have on my hip pain, rather than writing the hip pain off
as seems to be the case with most everyone else.

My doctor claims the hip pain is called round ligament pain and that it
is completely normal for pregnant women. My pain has gotten so bad
that it has put me in the bed and I've had my hips lock up on me
leaving me unable to move. However, now that I'm coming up on delivery
day I'm experiencing new pains every day. When I bring these up to my
doctor, she immediately announces that I'm still experiencing round
ligament pain. She doesn't even take the time to listen to the full
extent of what I'm experiencing. Even if I'm having pain in my back or
my stomach, she automatically says ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN and goes about
her way.

If I wasn't about to give birth, I would change doctors. I can't help
but think about how stran
Juaria Sanders   13/Dec/2000:17:35:21
I also have hip pain and this is what brought me to your website. I am
African American and only 8 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I find
it strange that most of our pain occurs on the right side. What is that
all about? My pain is more intense at night when I'm sleeping. By
morning, my hip is so stiff I can hardly get out of bed. I did find it
helpful to sleep on a soft surface. During the later stages of my
pregnancies, I would sleep on the couch to get some relief.
Thank you for sharing.

J Sanders
beth   26/Nov/2000:07:04:58
I am in my 25th week and this is my second prenancy. I have a little
German and Italian blood in me. I have had hip pain and round ligament
pain unlike my last pregnancy. At night, I can actually make the center
of my hips pop/crack like my knuckles. I just lay on my side and
squeeze my legs together - pop, pop, pop! During the day I waddle more
than last pregnancy. And if I do a lot of bending (I have a toddler)
and housework - woe to my hips and back. Good luck to all - hope
someone thinks of a good way to ease this predictament.
Camille   25/Nov/2000:06:24:52

Thank you for writing this article!! I am not alone! :)
I began having hip problems in my last trimest with my third pregnancy,
but later thought it was due to the size of my nine and a half pound
little girl. With this prenancy the pain started in my fourth month
and has been just horrid! I have sought out the methods of a
chiropracotr out of desperation - my doctor had no suggestions.
Thankfully I have only five weeks to go and hopefully the pain will
vanish like it did last time.
Thought you might be interested in knowing I am of Irish and German
decent. I might have a bit of Sweede in me, but I am not clear on
this. My question is one of build. I am tall, slender and slim
hipped. I wonder if this has any bearing on the situation.

Thanks again! You made my evening and I enjoyed reading portions of
the various comments to my husband - he needed to hear them as much as
I did! :-)

From one sufferer to another,
Boise, Idaho
Jodi McClendon   16/Nov/2000:22:45:33
let's try this again.

I was very glad to find your page as I am only 15 weeks along and
already experiencing the hip pain you speak of. When I asked friends
and family if it was normal(this is my first)everyone said it wasn't
anything they had experienced or even heard of. I work in an office
setting so I sit pretty much all day. Believing that because I'm
not "big" yet it couldn't be because of the pregnancy, I just thought
the pain was do to not moving around enough during the day. I normally
walk a mile a day (1/2 in the morning, 1/2 in the afternoon)and have
noticed that the pain gets worse in the afternoons after both walks. By
the time I go home, it hurts so much to walk, that I spend a lot of
time laying on my side on the sofa which seems to help. You have a
great site- thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one. For the
sake of your findings, I live in the US, but I am of Norwiegan, Swedish
-&- German heritage.
Jodi McClendon   16/Nov/2000:22:37:10
Hi Katherine~
Jamie Fernelius   16/Nov/2000:19:45:05
I am 20 weeks along in my first pregnancy and due in April. I have
had severe hip pain off and on all through my pregnancy, especially
beginning in about my tenth week. I have had back problems for quite
some time now, so I have never thought much about my hip pain...until
now. My mother is Norwegian and my father is Swedish, which makes me
almost full-blooded Scandinavian. Now I am wondering if this pain in
being caused by my pregnancy instead of my normal back pain. I have
noticed that the pain is aggravated by walking long distances or trying
to walk too fast. Sometimes it gets so bad that I cannot even walk.
There have been several instances where I have actually had to crawl on
the floor for a time. I have found that sleeping on my side or stomach
(I can still do that for a while) helps with the pain.
Steffanie   07/Nov/2000:19:27:16
I really enjoyed your website and i too have had lots of hip pain. My
hip pain started when i was about 8 weeks along, at first i didn't
think it was that bad but the longer it went, the more it hurt. I have
read somewhere that many pregnant women's joints hurt because the
ligiments and catrilage sofens so that it's easier for the baby to
grow. One thing i have found that releives a lot of the pain is, my
husband stands behind me and puts his thumbs in the top of my tailbone
region and all of his other fingers on the outside of my hips and
gently pushes and rubs in tiny little circles, everyone should try
this, i don't know if i'm just lucky or if it's a real technique, but
in my opinion, at this stage in the game, anything can help.

Lynn Lynch   04/Oct/2000:23:39:22
I have been experiencing severe hip pain (though I thought it was my
back originally) for the last week. This pain started at around the 16
week mark for me, which I am told is quite early for this problem.
People seem to be having a hard time understanding this problem (most
people have never heard of it before). My doctor put me on bed rest
for a week. This is my first day back at work and I am having a
particularily hard time sitting at my desk all day. I am not Norwegian
or of Norwegian decent. I was so glad to find this web site and have
people that can relate.
Bobbie Rodriguez   21/Sep/2000:22:03:54
i'm so glad i found a web page with the problems i am having right this
very minute. I've seen my regular ob-gyn and my general dr. and
neither one of them can figure out what the problem is. I'm in severe
pain and i may have to take my maternity alot earlier than expected.
My left hip is numb with severe burning pain in my sockets? i've tried
everything from pillows to switching positions and called the dr. many
times and i really need help! What else could i possibly do to ease my
Debra Finisterre   06/Sep/2000:17:12:32
My daughter is almost 2 now, but I also had terrible hip pain during
pregnancy, and was told by my chiropractor that it was due to the
hormone relaxin. I don't know that I have Scandinavian ancestry, but I
do have Dutch and German blood. (Does that count?)

Katrina Franks   03/Sep/2000:21:40:09
I would just like to say, that it's nice to know i wasnt the only one
suffering with hip pain (SPD). I experienced a really good first
pregnancy, no problems what so ever, i gave birth to a little girl in
June 95, just six weeks after giving birth i fell pregnant again, when
i reached the 28th week of my pregnancy i noticed whilst standing up
rocking my first born from side to side, there was a clicking sensation
in my pubic area, but i never thought anything about it until a week
later i started to develop pain in this area, i visited my GP whom told
me that it was the pubic joints softening, preparing for birth! but
nothing else was done, on May the 5th i gave birth to my son, no more
problem after....then after a couple of years i fell pregnant again!,
at about 26 weeks i started to experiance severe pain in the pubic
joint it was so painful i could hardly walk or get in or out of bed,
whenever i opened my legs the pain was terrible, i was sent to have
physio, who measured exact
Maxima Schmidt   29/Aug/2000:01:46:09
HI There,

It was interested reading the stories information about of the ladies
having hip pain during pregnancy. Well I must have had that problem
with my second child. I was so much in pain that I wanted to correct
it. It lasted with me throughout my whole pregnancy and didn't even now
what was going on. Everyone told me it was a siotic nerve but the pain
was everywhere and mostly my right side like by the hips. After years
of fighting the pain 2yrs later I was pregnant with my third child and
somehow the pain just went away. I still to this day feel a little pain
on my right him. Standing long periods of time or walking makes it
painful. I sympathize with all who have that pain. I sure had my share
of pain.

Your site is a wonderful site and I enjoyed it.

Aloha, Maxima
Anne Randi H°idahl   24/Aug/2000:22:02:17
Hello. I just found this article interesting and want to share it with
Anne Randi,Norway

liz   14/Aug/2000:22:56:48
This is the first sight I've seen that addresses the issue of the pain
that seems totally unbarable most of the time. I am 5 months pregnant
with my second child, my first is 7 years old this week. And I have
unfortunatley had these pains for tha past 7 years, much worse now of
course, but only until I got pregnant the first time. Doctors don't
take me seriously either. But these pains in my hips make me feel old
and wore down, I'm only 24. Hopefully someone, someday will listen.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. Liz
Aundrea   03/Aug/2000:22:10:27
Hello to ALL,
I am in the 29 week of my 3rd pregnancy. I experianced hip pain with
allof my pregnancies, but this one isby far the worst!! NOT only do i
have pain in my right hip, but it radiates down the entire front of my
thigh to the top of my knee. It is a numb-like tingly pain. I had asked
my doctor, and he says that it is a nerve called the psciatic nerve.
Personally, I call it my PHSYCHOTIC NERVE. For itmakes me turn that way
when the pain hits me! I will wakeup in the middle of the night out of
a dead sleep because of the pain. I have a really great doctor, but he
says there really isnt much i can do, other than keep it up, to lie on
my left side, put pillows between my knees..and to do leg excersies
while I am lying on my back. I cant say it has really helped. But I
guess things such as this comes with the territory, and after my two
gorgeous boys, and this boy on the way, I would do it all over again in
a heartbeat!!!

Stephanie   24/Jul/2000:03:36:32
I am from Oklahoma. I too have had some hip pain, but mostly pain
throughout the whole pelvic area. I tried to continue walking, which I
did before pregnancy, but it just made things much worse!!! Some days
the pain has been almost unbearable...difficult to just walk across the
room. I am now in my 32nd week, and the pain has decreased somewhat but
I am no longer walking for excercise. I have been forced to take it
very easy. I only do as much as I feel that I can, and lie down when I
need to. My doctor too says it is just from the relaxin produced during
pregnancy. I don't know if I am of scandanavian desent.
Stefanie   19/Jul/2000:09:10:19
Thank you for your article on hip pain. I am six months pregnant and
have experience hip pain at night while sleeping. It doesn't matter
what position I sleep in, both my hips ache. So far, I have found no
ease for my discomfort. I don't experience pain when I walk or climb
stairs. I haven't asked my doctor yet about the discomfort. However,
I plan to bring the matter up at my next appointment. I am praying
that the pain eases with the birth of my child. Do you know of
anyother sites that might explain more about this condition? Once
again, thank you!
carmen   08/Jul/2000:20:57:32
Hallo Katherine

I'm from South-Africa. I'm 16 weeks pregnant now and have expereinced
extreme lower back pain and hip pain. My gino said to live with it so I
went for a second opinion. This doctor was so shocked with my gino and
gave me medication to releave the pain and relax the muscles.

I can only use this in the early stages of pregnancy. But it did me the
world of good and I can finally sleep through at night. This is also
not common in South-Africa as no one seems to know about it when I
spoke to them. But good luck to those whose doctors wont or cant help

irene manteufel   27/Jun/2000:15:10:28
I have a son who is nearly 3 years old, and I am expecting my second
baby in November. During my first pregnancy I had the most horrible
pain in every possible part of the area around my hips and lower back
side. The last two months of pregnancy was Hell, as I could only walk a
little bit - that is, to the bathroom and back to bed - and only with
the aid of my crutches. I could barely stand to sit down either,
because of my pain, and even though there was some relief after I had
given birth, I still had some pain, and some of it kept getting worse
during the following six months. I could not carry the baby down the
stairs, I could hardly walk anywherem, which meant total prison life,
and finally I had so much pain from sitting down in any kind of chair,
that alle forms of social life sort of vanished, as you don't feel like
lying down during any dinner party.
When my son was six months old, I found a Chinese doctor living here in
Denmark, and he was the first person to treat me with
nicola crowder   03/Jun/2000:04:14:10
i am five months pregnant i been having hip and leg pains for the past
three months what can i do about this? I do alot of walking at work
Dawn   25/May/2000:16:26:37
I live in Michigan and and mostly of English descent. I only metion it
because it seems like that's information that's interesting to you.
My hip pain started the day before I started my second trimester. At
first, my cyatic nerve was hurting me a lot. Then I woke up the next
day and I was achy everywhere, but mostly in my hips, very lower back.
I'm a waitress, and I thought it would go away once I started going,
but it didn't stop. My husband is a reike healer and he made the pain
go away long enough for my to sleep, but it just comes back. What can I
do, if anything?
Maria Ljungqvist   05/May/2000:09:49:32

I have just read your pages with great interest. I would like to commet your remark about hip pains. I am from Sweden but work and live in Oslo/Norway since 1986. Iam a physioterapist and I work for a fitness chain as fitness director. Amongst my specialities is training during pregnancy and after pregnancy. The worst thing for hip pains is NOT TO EXCERCISE, but you have to know how to excercise. There are surtain muscelgroups that will, if strong, help to stabalise the pelvic. It is a whole sience and very interesting. I just feel sorry that you recomend not to ecercise wich is totally wrong during pregnancy. Both the child and the becomming mother will feel a lot better with the right porsion of actvities. I am ecpecting my fifth child and very fit. I have helped a lot of wimmen to a healty activ pregnancy AND a safe and healty way back to your normal body.... Best regards Maria Ljungqvist
Glenda Keelean   28/Apr/2000:17:12:27
I too have been having some pretty painful hip pain.Its all on my left
side and I cant sleep on either side because it hurts so bad. I have a
hard time walking, sitting or just plain standing. They tell me my hips
are spreading, thats all great but this is my second preg. and I never
had the problem with my first. Getting any relief to sleep is minimal
and they want you well rested for delivery, How? I am due May 23rd and
praaying that it all goes away soon. Yet it is nice to know that there
are other women who are having the same problems I am. Glenda Keelean
Taneal   20/Apr/2000:21:01:41
I am 11 weeks pregnant and this week have been going through severe hip
pain. I have contacted my doctor's office about this and they said
that there was pretty much nothing that they could do for me so, not to
bother coming in. My OB won't even see me about this because, he's
just too busy for me (and to think that I have the best OB in my
area... how sad).

I had a previous back injury that has caused me a lot of pain and
occasional hip discomfort when my back was out of adjustment. But I am
really afraid to go to the chiropractor because, every time I turn too
far to the side, my ligaments feel like they are ripping apart. I
can't even imagine what the pain would be like to have my back adjusted
right now.

I am pretty much at the end of my rope. If there is anyone who has any
clue as to what I can do to help with this pain, please Email me.

Pia Iolster   10/Apr/2000:20:53:34
Thanks for the information on hip pain during pregnancy. I am in my
32nd week of my first pregnancy and have been experiencing for over a
month hip pain at night while I sleep. It gets worse as the night
progresses especially when I turn from side to side, luckily it goes
away during the day while I'm moving around. My doctor paid little
attention to my complaint and the pregnancy books I have (which
have been extremely helpful about other issues) didn't even mention it.
I was starting to wonder whether it was all in my head. Though I am
from Argentina (and linving in the US) my father is actually Norweigian!
I hope my pain doesn't get as bad as others have described but I it is
still not clear to me whether I should or should not exercise.
Lisa Maricle   06/Apr/2000:05:49:14
Dear Kathrine,I am in my 31st week of pregnancy.I too am having very
bad hip pain,mostly at night.The pain can get so bad that it prevents
me from sleeping.What I find really interesting is that although I'm
from Canada,my mother is Danish and my father is from nothern Germany.I
was really surprised to hear that hip problems were more prevalent in
scandinavian women.My doctor didn't show a great deal of concern when I
told her about my hip pain.I hope you found my information helpful.
elizabeth   30/Mar/2000:14:35:29
It's nice to actually read that hip pain is more common that I thought.
I live in Canada, but am of German descent. I keep complaining about
the pain to my Dr. but she just says low back pain is normal. I can't
see how this type of pain is normal. I can't walk very far or do much
around the house. If I do, I can barely get off the couch or chair
later. I've always had lower back pain, but this is so much more
intense. It's mostly in my left hip, but my right one will bother me
on occasion as well. The pain started after week 7 or 8, pretty early
I thought -&- I'm only on week 21. I'm just hoping it goes away after
the baby is born. I feel so limited to what I can do.
Kim Cunningham   24/Mar/2000:22:03:49
I have had hip pain for a very long time now. Before I was even
pregnant. It has always come and go, but now in my 2nd pregnancy I am
experiencing pain so horrible. It is not all the time, but most. I am
in my 27th week, but this has been going on for the whole time. I have
an office job, and sit alot, just sitting my hip starts to ache, I
cannot even describe the way it feels. It is like a constant piercing
or stabbing feeling. If I clean house on the weekends I don't really
feel it until I sit down for a minute to rest, after that if I try to
get up and start again it is impossible. Once I lay down at night, I
cannot move! I cannot roll over, or move from side to side. I cannot
get out of the bed once I am in it, either, I CANNOT walk! I have to
have my boyfriend help me. It scares me because in my job I work
upstairs, and I cannot go down them without my hip 'catching'. I have
almost fallen a few times!
I try to tell my doctors about this and they just tell me to take
Leslie Orr   19/Mar/2000:18:29:05
I am 31 yrs old and living in California,USA.I am 18 wks into my second
pregnancy and experiencing quite a bit of hip pain.At night when trying
to sleep I have to roll from side to side to keep the pain
manageable.It hurts the most on the side that I am sleeping on.The pain
feels like it is deep within the joint and radiates down my leg.It can
be hard to tolerate.I am sure that it is caused by the relaxin and
joint loosening during pregnancy,so I do not worry.I wish doctors were
more informed on this subject.I appreciate your website devoted to this
problem.Incidentally,I am of English and Irish descent.

Alicia Rockwell   16/Mar/2000:14:27:01
Thank you so much for your website. I am an American living in Bergen,
Norway who is currently experiencing terrible hip pain at 11w with
multiples. I had slight (short lived) hip pain with my second child
while living in NY... go figure??? I am very frightened by the things
my Norwegian friends tell me about the risks involved in this sort of
hip pain... permanent damage!!!

Feel free to write back.
Rosememe Abu Hassan   13/Mar/2000:09:31:05
Dear Katherine,

I am from Malaysia..and talk about hip pain...I am experiencing it now.
Iam pregnant with my first baby and into my 25th weeks. I have been
having this problem since two weeks ago. It does make me walk akwardly
and when I told this to my doctor, he mentioned that it is because of my
baby now is becoming heavier.I experienced this hip pain after I sit on
a hard surface...on a chair without cushion but sometimes I do
experienced it after I lie down for a while.

Anyway, last night is the most unbeareable pain that I cannot even get
myself to sleep, so I asked my husband to give me a massage on the hip.
When he tried to massage, at first i felt so painful but i urge him to
carry on with the massage...and the result...i feel better and the pain
is no longer there. I slept till 12 noon today. I think help by
loosening the muscle a bit.
Alison Parker   10/Jan/2000:19:41:12
I'm 20 weeks pregnant, and have had hip pain for the last 4 weeks or so.
It's much worse in my right hip, and really bothers me when I lie down,
especially if I lie on my side. Some days are worse than others. I've
mentioned this to my doctor, who said not to worry unless it effects my
walking. Easier said than done since it interferes with my much-needed
sleep at night! Thanks for your web page - it's good to know I'm not

Alison Parker
Colorado Springs, CO

P.S. I'm not of Scandinavian or Norwegian descent.
Pam   28/Dec/1999:18:17:00
I am 13 weeks pregnant and have been having lower back and hip pain for
almost 5 weeks now. I have not gained any weight yet. I work as a
certified nursing assisstant at a local hospital. The pain gets worse
the longer I am on my feet and the more I do. I am unable to move to a
different area to work at the moment and end up having difficulty
sleeping and getting out of bed. Am starting to worry what the next 6
months are going to be like as the baby gets bigger.
Carolyn Florio   07/Dec/1999:21:10:27
I have exactly the type of pain you described! It started at about 4
mos. of pregnancy and I am now entering my 8th month. It started as
pain in my right hip after exertion such as hiking with my dog or
cleaning the house. Post-vacuum cleaning is especially bad. Now, the
pain is much worse. I don't have to do much besides some squatting/
bending during the day, and then at night I am a useless lump hardly
able to walk upstairs to bed. Last night, I got up to pee, and almost
fell down, it hurt so bad. My husband had to carry me back to bed!! I
was born with slight hip dysplasia in my right hip and had to wear a
brace for several months, so I just thought the pain was due to that,
and stretching ligaments, etc. It's good to know I am not the only one
out there with this problem. I am going to a PT starting this week, so
hopefully they can help.
Dawn Thomas   08/Nov/1999:16:00:24
Wow - this is the first time I have seen anything to 'justify' that I
really do have hip pain. And it is my right hip. I am not of
Scandinavian descent. My right hip has ached continuously since the
birth of my third child. It did hurt in my last month of pregnancy as
well. My baby is now almost three. I have been to 3 doctors and got 3
opinions. One did not believe me. I did have some physical therapy
which only helped when I was there. I would be interested in any
response to help me feel better. Otherwise I am perfectly healthy, not
overweight, and I eat well. Dawn
Stephanie   06/Nov/1999:08:02:51
I am a 23 year old first time mother, and have for the greater part of
the third trimester (I'm 37 weeks right now) been experiencing
excruciating pain in my right hip. Now, during the later part of the
2nd trimster and first week or so of the third trimester I felt sciatic
nerve pain in *both* hips, but the pain that I've been feeling in my
right hip has progressed to the point where I am now a virtual invalid.
My poor husband is reduced to half-carrying me around the house, and I
can't even get up to go to the bathroom without help now. The extremely
severe pain began last night, but it has been progressing slowly over
the past several weeks. Every now and then, I still get a twinge in my
left hip.. but it's NOTHING like the pain in my right hip. And when I
asked my doctor about it, she just sort of looked at me like I was a
whimp and said something to the effect of "if you can't handle
something small like hip pain, what makes you think you can make it
through labor without an e
jazzmine   14/Oct/1999:22:08:21
Cathrine 11/Oct/1999:08:30:01
Thanks for this super site. I am in week 26 and dealing with pretty
serious hip pain. Its at its worst when I am on the bed (trying to get
up or turn around) and when I am on the floor (doing prenatal Yoga). It
actually started in week 10 (!) but was then only on one side. Now its
on both sides. Not fun. I am from and live in Norway !
Felicia   04/Oct/1999:02:13:04
Thanks for this page I am glad to know that I am not the only one
because I tell you this is absolutly terriable sorry about the typos
Tracy   24/Sep/1999:22:03:28
After searching the internet for information on hip pain during
pregnancy, I finally came across your page. I'm glad to know that I'm
not alone. However, it would be nice if there were some way to relieve
the pain. Like many of the other women, I have hip pain especially
during the night with the pain getting worse towards morning. Getting
up to make the run to the bathroom is almost impossible! My mother is
of Norwegian descent, so perhaps this is to blame. I have had the pain
for about 3 weeks and have 5 weeks left before delivery. Thanks to
everyone for writing on this problem and for creating a this page.

Great Falls, Montana
Nina Cardona   14/Sep/1999:02:16:27
I'm 32 weeks into my first pregnancy and I've been having pain
throughout the pelvic region, too. For me it is primarily between my
legs (like the pain you get from riding a horse or bicycle for too long)
but my hips are certainly not feeling too great, either. It's
interesting to me that you say there seems to be a tendancy for
Scandinavian women to experience this because although I'm American I
have both Swedish and Norwegian ancestors on my mother's side of the
family. I've heard that the pain is a result of the hormone relaxin
allowing the bones to spread...maybe we're not making enough of this
hormone to make the process comfortable, but the spreading is happening
Mandy   02/Sep/1999:12:50:37
So it could be interesting that I suffer from this hip pain also. My
mother also had this pain for months when she was expecting my brother.
My pain seems to go when I keep still, but when I walk it's awful, slow
small steps is the answer but it's getting me down so much. I hate not
being able to move around like I did, how I miss walking without pain!!
all the best
Mandy   02/Sep/1999:12:49:03
Hi there!
Boy am I glad I found this information about hip pain, I am 6 months
pregnant and up until now have been very active. It came on last week
and the doctor said that it would subside, it hasn't. I am now waiting
for her to get an appointment for me at the hospital to see a physio.
This is really making me miserable, just moving around is a job and a
half. The doctor told me to keep moving around and do what I have been
doing normally, but you must be joking!! It hurts too much and plenty
of rest seems to do it more good, the more I do it seems to aggravate
it. I was told the same thing about the hormnes loosening the ligaments
and I was told to take 2 paracetamol 4 times a day to relieve it. I
don't want to take anything while pregnant, but I was as such a loss
last week I took 2 paracetamol and it did nothing! I am from the UK but
I believe I am from a norse background, fair hair and my surname
'Storr' is aparantly Norwegion for 'lake' (just what I've been told).
So it co
brenda   28/Aug/1999:21:39:23

Thanks for the information, its been very helpful, and I'm glad its
normal. I have 6 weeks to go before my son is born, once again thanks and god bless you and your family.
Katherine Fink   04/Aug/1999:18:01:41
Dear Katherine,

I love your site and have found it very informative, thank you!

I'm 25 weeks pregnant with twins and most of my experiences and pains I
have been told, are becuase I have 2 babies and more stress on my

I was surprised to find that those with singletons are also
experiencing the same problems and as much as I'm relieved, I feel for
you all too!!!!

I too am experiencing hip pain, especially at night when I lay on
either side...they begin to ache!!!!! ointments, and massage don't seem
to aid this and I have been avoiding pain relievers like Tylenol, just
because I thought I should get my endurance up for the final hurrah!!

I was teaching aerobics and on a weight training program when I found
out that I was 7 weeks pregnant and I was really excited to see my
pregnancy through as a healthy and active 31 year old first time mom-to-
be, however within a week I went on bed rest for 3 months due to
bleeding and extreme fatigue...this is the time I found ou
Selina Mascoll   23/Jul/1999:05:16:24
I was very interested to come across your site particularly when I found
a reference to hip pain during pregnancy. I am 15 weeks pregnant and
have been experiencing terrible hip pain for about 3 weeks now. I find
that it is most intense in the early hours of the morning after I have
been asleeep for a number of hours and the pain actually wakes me. My
doctor diagnosed Trochanteric Bursitis and recommended rest, avoidance
of stairs and standing for long periods. I then visited my trusty
chiropractor who performed some miracles with pressure and manipulation
(very painful!) and I have felt some relief since then but there are
still some nights when it is intense. He also recommended ice packs (no
heat, which my Dr suggested (!), as it is already an inflamed area). By
the way, I live in Melbourne, Australia.
Stephanie   19/Jul/1999:16:39:55
When I was pregnant with my son at age 20 I went through a
spell of hip/pelvic pain, especially in the mornings. It
lasted only a few weeks, but was miserable. Now I am pregnant
with our second, and have had a terrible time with my hips
and pelvic area. My muscles are so sore, and the more
activity I take on, the worse it gets. Even with pillows,
sleeping is sometimes difficult for the discomfort. It
seems to get better as the day progresses as long as I take
it easy, but even a few hours of housework seem to make it
much worse. I now live in a two story house and have a
three-year-old, so perhaps this change has had some affect.
My doctor did warn me early on that it is more common to have
more "round ligament pain" with each additional pregnancy.
I have had discomfort in my hips before my pregnancies,
particularly during the first crampy days of my mestrual
cycle, but it has never been so painful as this. It feels like
the joints could just pull apart, and it aches all acros
Barb   08/Jul/1999:04:53:36
Hi! I am a 29 year old female from the United States. I am 22 weeks
pregnant and let me tell you- this pelvic pain and hip pain are not
getting any better. The best way I can describe the pain is that my
pelvic area and hips feel like I've been on a bicycle all day with a
cement seat! Sleeping is rough. Some things that have helped are
swimming in a warm swimming pool, sitting with a pillow behind my back
and sleeping on my back with pillows under my neck, lower back and
Fridrika Stefansdott   14/Jun/1999:19:40:45
I'm due the 24th of August but I had to stop working in April because of
my hip pain. I could hardly get around the house. I went to see a
chiropractor and it helped alot. Among other things he had me put ice on
my back because the ligaments in my lower back were so swollen. I feel
better now but I don't go shopping or do anything that requires walking.

Regards, Fridrika Reykjavik, Iceland
Becky Pollock   03/Jun/1999:16:58:28
Hi, Kathrine. I was checking out your page again. I just wanted to say that the second baby just turned a year old, but I too still have hip pain. If I sleep on one side too long, or sleep on a hard surface. (Camping is murder). I know this all relates to pregnancy, because this never happened before the kids. I had easy births with both of them, even with the boy who was 8 pounds, and 5 ounces. The midwife said that I should be grateful for those hips. I still enjoy your pages, so keep at it.

Carolyn Salamon   02/Jun/1999:20:34:52
Hey this is really cool. I wish I had found this when I was still
pregnant! For hip pain, tell everyone accupuncture was the only thing
that worked for me and I tried it ALL. Thanks!
Heidi   26/May/1999:04:29:31
Wow, is it ever nice to know that I am not going crazy alone with this
pain. My first pregnancy the pain was aweful from 4 months on and this
preganacy it has been since 6 1/2 months. The worst time for me is when
I want to sleep...I can't get husband says I cry and
moan in my sleep and to turn over he has to help me...what a pathetic
sight I am!!
Good luck to everyone out there and if anyone has suggestions for the
rlaxation of the joints from hormones then plase let me know.
Wendy   24/Apr/1999:14:08:59
I found the information on hip pain very interesting. I am 41,
Canadian and in my last week of my 3rd pregnancy. My first two
children were girls and I did not suffer from any hip pain. I'm not
sure if this one is a girl or boy, but from about 6 months I had hip
pain, which would be especially sore through the night and wake me up.
It was a real aching feeling that would only be relieved if I got up to
walk. Hopefully it will be gone once the baby is born. I was
wondering if the hip pain was because I'm older with this pregnancy,
but from what I've read today, it affects all ages.

Thanks for your site Kathrine, it was interesting.
Wendy   24/Apr/1999:14:03:58
Line   09/Mar/1999:21:20:44

About hip-pains, I got them vhen I was 26 weeks with my first one, went
to a physitoherapist, and started excersising a few days later with her
in her group with women with hip-pains. Two weeks later I could put my
cruthes away, and the pain was almost gone. I exersised with her 1 og 2
times a week until my boy waas born. when he was 8 weeks - I wnt back
and trained with her until he was 6 months. Start exercising - do not
lay down on your bed and feel sorry for your self, that will only make
things worse. I am now 9 weeks pregnant, and feel some pain already, I
will soon go back and start training again...

Sandy Madland   24/Feb/1999:16:34:57
I have three children ages 6, 4, and 2. During my first two
pregnancies I did not suffer from hip pain. My third pregnancy is
another story. I had pain in my right hip all the time. It was
especially uncomfortable at night. I thought it was being caused by
carrying my other two children around all the time. I never mentioned
it to my doctor, as I am not one to complain about pain. During the
delivery of Johanna, (my third), I was lying on my back to push. She
started to come out with her hand against her head. The doctor wanted
to try and push her arm back. To do so, he had the nurses pull my legs
back as far and as high as they could. It was excruciatingly painful!
It felt as though they had ripped my leg out of my hip socket. For at
least the next six to seven months, my hip hurt constantly. I did even
complain about to my poor husband, who actually got tired of the word
"hip". And now two and a half years later, it still bothers me
occassionaly, depending on
NINI MENDIORO   23/Feb/1999:22:31:49
I'm 6 months pregnant (to my 2nd child), and also experiencing severe
hip pain. Getting out of bed to go to the bathroom is always a big time the pain was so bad, I had to crawl to the bathroom. But unlike many of your guests, I am not from Scandinavian descent. I'm from the island of the Philippines, married to a Caucasian.
Many of my friends and relatives told me they had similar experience, but only when they were pregnant with a baby boy. Could this be true?
My first child is a girl and I did not have this problem. I had an amniocentices two months ago and the doctor told me I will have a boy.
I just wish there could be more information on why these problem occurs and how can we (pregnant women) get relief.

From: Nini
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What an interesting site! Thanks for inviting me!
Barby Boocat's House 22/Jan/1999:23:06:44
Hey! I guess your guestbook is working! Your pages look great, as
always! Many hugs to my dear friend!
Adele deldoc's 22/Jan/1999:22:17:39
Hi Kathrine! You've done a great job on this site! A lot of useful
information here!! Very nice!
Gale House of Gale 22/Jan/1999:21:24:31

Hi there Kathrine! Looks like the guest book is doing just fine! I can tell that you've put a lot of hard work into your looks great!! Good luck and God Bless!
Love and Prayers,