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~ All poems collected (but not written) by Kathrine Jolle Wathne ~

The poems have been collected from different sources, and
unfortunately I have not always been able to find the author.
If you should know the name of any authors not credited;
please let me know!

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My Gift
When I found out the news of being a new mother,
I was so nervous, But I knew we would love each other.
You would be my precious bundle of joy,
Not knowing if you would be a girl or boy.
I dreamed of frilly dresses and you with cute curls,
Hoping to see you one day play in my shoes and pearls.
As I wait for 9 months, my wish came true
Out came my gift, and I finally laid eyes on you!
March 25th was the day you came to be,
Now I'll give you all my love unconditionally!
Dedicated to my daughter Andrea
By Geelaporn Pennington

 Jared - My Sweetest Heart

 My Sweetest Heart in all the world

I think of you each day

I love you so much

More and more everyday


When you wake each morning

Your smile is all I see

My heart is filled with joy

You mean so much to me


You fill my days with love

And feelings I can’t explain

I hope you feel my heart

And know I’ll never be the same


The day I knew you were true

And growing safe inside me

I promised to do the best I could

To always make you happy


We shared one body for so long

And have a bond no one can break

My heart is yours forever

Not anyone else’s to take


How did I get so blessed

That God picked me for you

I am so very lucky

My Sweetest Heart – I love you!






Before I was a Mom…

I made and ate hot meals.

I had unstained clothing.

I had quiet conversations on the phone.


Before I was a Mom…

I slept as late as I wanted.

And never worried about how late I got

into bed.

I brushed my hair and my teeth every day.


Before I was a Mom…

I cleaned my house each day.

I never tripped over toys or forgot words

to lullabies.


Before I was a Mom…

I didn’t worry whether or not my plants

were poisonous.

I never thought about immunisations.


Before I was Mom…

I had never been puked on,

Pooped on,

Spat on,

Chewed on,

Peed on,

Or pinched by tiny fingers.


Before I was a Mom…

I had complete control of my mind,

My thoughts.

My body,

And my time.

I slept all night.


Before I was a Mom…

I never held down a screaming child,

So that doctors could do tests,

Or give shots.

I never looked into teary eyes and


I never got gloriously happy over

a simple grin.

I never sat up late hours

at  night

 Watching a baby sleep.


Before I was a Mom…

I never held a sleeping baby just because.

I didn’t want to put it down.

I never felt my heart break into a million


When I couldn’t stop the hurt.

I never knew that I could love someone so much.

I never knew I would love being a Mom.


Before I was a Mom…

I didn’t know the feeling of having my

heart outside my body.

I didn’t know how special it could feel to

 feed a hungry baby.

I didn’t know that bond between a mother

and her child.

I didn’t know that something so small
Could make me feel so important.


Before I was a Mom…

I had never risen in the middle of the night .

Every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay.

I had never known the warmth,

The joy,

The love,

The heartache,

The wonderment,

Or the satisfaction of being a


I didn’t know I was capable

of  feeling so

Much before I was a Mom!


- Author unknown -



What will he look like
Will my brother have a button nose
Will he have tiny toes
Are his cheeks rosey red
I think he has a fragil head
My baby brother must have a wonderful grin
and creamy soft skin,
but does he have a chubbie chin
Do his eyes wonder about
Will he pout or even shout
He should be in baby scouts
Are his eyes bright baby blue
cause I don't have one bit a clue
When he poops does he go oops!
No one knows how he'll act or look
He'll always be number 1 in my baby book

My Kalie

Thank you God for the gift you have given me
My pride and joy, my daughter, my Kalie
I've never known such happiness in all of my days
I've never known you could love someone in so many ways
When I look at her face and see her smile
That is what makes my life worth while
To hear her coo's and her sighs
Or even when I look into her eyes
To see all her beauty and innocense
Is what makes my life make sense
So to you lord I pray
Send a guardian angel her way
Hi I'm 11 yrs. old and I have
a poem about my baby sister.
It goes like this.
My baby sister sweet as cheeries
Every time I look at her I think of fairies
When I'm next to her i feel so merry
I thank God every single day for giving me a baby sister that is a sweetie

You are so precious,

a pretty sight to see,
you are an angel,
sent for me,
I will never ever let you go,
for you are my little girl,
and you have that pretty smile,
and that little hair curl.

My first little grandchild
a precious baby boy
So much love to give you
overwhelmed with pride and joy
Such tiny little fingers
Ten tiny little toes
A perfect face and body
with a little button nose
Tender words and kisses
hugs and cuddles too
Patience and understanding
will all be wrapped round you
Fun times to share together
stories to be told
Nursery rhymes and dittys
as your litlle life unfolds
You are very special
to people near and far
and loving you is easy
because .... I'm your Grandma



One Perfect Baby


Two little feet,

so tender and sweet


That have walked with the angels

On heavenly streets


Ten little fingers, and ten little toes,

With every new day continue to grow.


One little mouth that sings to our Lord.

And two little ears to hear His word.


One prefect baby for us to love,

With wisdom and guidence from our Father above.

 dedicated to: Rease and Helena

Kelly Maloney

 Some Baby's are Very Special
Some babies have a wonderful way
Of putting others at ease...
They say and do the little things
That will comfort and will please...
They have a special kind of warmth
They're quick to understand.
And whenever there is trouble
They lend a helping hand.
This world of ours is a better place
And happier by far...
Because there some special babies
As wonderful as you are.
To my lil' girl


Born on Wednesday, full of grace
You stole our hearts, when we saw your face.
Reddish hair and dark blue eyes
A brand new baby, what a wonderful surprise.

Twelve years had passed, your brother growing up alone God must have known, we needed a new baby in our home.
Dad looking so proud, it showed on his face Said, no jeans on my baby girl, only ribbons and lace.

It didn't take long for you to adjust
You had us all running, when you made a fuss, You had to have quiet, when you took a nap Our jealous dog Patty, would sit around and pout.

You started to kindergarten, oh, what a big day!
I stayed home counting...the long hours away.
Little did I know how fast time would fly How soon you'd be telling your Dad and me goodbye.

Where did the years go, when did you grow up?
Yesterday a baby, now you're an adult.
At seventeen, a senior, graduating in June Off to college in September to a far away school.

We studied you carefully over the years
To find what's so special that's missing from your peers, Always careful about what you say Choosing your friends, in the very same way.
Your love of music...your love of God
Is something we are so very proud of.

Now our eyes are's so easy to recognize The reason your not like ordinary kids, Your An Angel In Disguise.


~ Tanya Metelerkamp ~


As I sit here in the early hours of the morning

Watching while you sleep

I think of the very first time we saw you

You were only a little pea

In my tummy

We watched you grow

From a little pea into our little blue eyed angel


The first time I held you

I didn’t want to let go

It felt like my heart was outside of me

And it still does


You are our little blue-eyed angel

Send by God

To make our happiness complete

We love you more than words can ever express


With your little smile

You brighten up my day

With your laughter

You light up the room


You are growing up so fast my little blue-eyed angel

And one day…………

You will have a little angel of your own

But until then….

You will be ……

Our little blue-eyed angel


Now and forever.

We love you little blue-eyed angel

And we are truly blessed to have you as




Hush little baby, don't you cry

for God is watching with his eyes.
Don't despair or fret, little one,
for God will cradle you with his love.
Wipe that tear from your eye,
don't snub or frown or bawl or cry,
for God is love and sent you here,
so hush little baby--do not fear!
-d. feece-

Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

 It won't be long 'til we find out
if you're a mister or a miss.
And in the future if you'll be
a brother or a sis.

Will you be our sweet little girl,
-- or our silly little boy?
Either way we'll swell with pride,
when with the world we share our joy.

 What color will we paint your room?
Pink or baby blue?
Will you play with dolls or soccer balls? 
 We haven't got a clue.

 Will we clap for you at dance recitals,
or cheer your football game?
Which one of these, many years from now
will be your claim to fame?

 Will you be our son or daughter?
You know it really doesn't matter.
We'll love you just the same
if you're the former or the latter.

  By R.D. Millard

Babys are so sweet
as a bundle of joy
as they lay in there crib
and play with there toys!
Whether its a girl or boy
they still are the best miracle
in the world!!!

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