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~ All poems collected (but not written) by Kathrine Jolle Wathne ~

The poems have been collected from different sources, and
unfortunately I have not always been able to find the author.
If you should know the name of any authors not credited;
please let me know!

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The poems on this specific page were sent to me by Ms. Linda Enders who has been collecting them for her grandchildrens scrapbooks. Thank you so much for sending them for publishing here! Almost all authors are unkown but we will glady add the authors if anyones knows who it is.

Two tiny feet,

That wave in the air...

Two tiny hands,

That tug at your hair..

And an adorable little face,

A bundle of joy to love & embrace.



A cute baby boy

To cuddle and squeeze,

To pamper and play with

And bounce on your knees...



Tiny fingers, tiny toes

Little itty bitty clothes.

Teddy bears and smiles of joy

Oh! my gosh its a little boy.



Two little feet, ten little toes,

Leave their impressions today.

Soon they will wear two little shoes,

And be running and jumping at play.

Two little feet, too little time,

Before they are walking to school,

Kicking a rock, or skipping a rope,

Wading a puddle or jumping a pool.

Two little feet, One little child,

Will soon go their own way,

But footprints in my mind recall,

They stood here yesterday.



Someday I'll jump through puddles,

Take a stroll or run a race.

Someday I'll walk across the street,

Or maybe walk in space,

Someday I'll scale a mountain,

Or I'll join a ballet corps.

Someday I'll walk a tightrope,

Or explore the ocean floor.

Someday these feet will do some things,

That only heaven knows,

But for today they're happy

Just to wiggle all their toes.



You were six months old and full of fun,

With a blink of an eye, you suddenly were 1..

There were many things we were going to do,

But I turned my head and you turned two...

At two, you were very dependent on me,

But independence took over when you were three...

Your third birthday, another year I tried to ignore,

But when I lit the candles there weren't 3, but four...

Four was the year that you really thrived,

Why, look at you now, you're already five...

Now you are ready for books and rules,

This is the year that you go to school...

The big day came; you were anxious to go,

We walked to the bus, going oh so slow...

As you climbed aboard and waved goodbye,

I felt a lump in my throat and a tears stung my eyes...

Time goes so fast, its hard to believe,

That yesterday you were home here with me...

And tomorrow when the bus brings you home &
you jump to the ground

You'll be wearing your cap and graduation gown...

So I'm holding on to these moments as hard as I can,

Because the next time I look,

I'll be seeing a grown man!




A years gone by

How time has flown

We can't believe

How _____'s grown

He is such a joy

and so much fun

Oh my! Our Baby's

Turning One.




I am brother of her

and she is my sister

she is too little for us

to talk to each other



She's a little bit of sunshine

She's a smile to light our days

She will steal our hearts and

Keep them with her warm endearing ways

She's our precious little daughter

With a sweetness from above

Who will fill our years with laughter

And our lives with lots of love.




Ten tiny fingers that always want to play

That never stop exploring the wonder of today

Ten tiny fingers that from the very start

Will reach out for tomorrow, yet aways hold your heart.




Patty cake patty cake Bakers man

Play with my cake mom said I can

A Birthday cake is so much fun

I am really glad that I am one.




Mother's Heart

I loved you from the very start,
You stole my breath, embraced my heart.
Our life together has just begun
You're part of me my little one.
As mother with child, each day I grew,
My mind was filled with thoughts of you.

I'd daydream of the things we'd share,
Like late-night bottles and Teddy bears.
Like first steps and skinned knees,
Like bedtime stories and ABC's.
I thought of things you'd want to know,
Like how birds fly and flowers grow.

I thought of lessons I'd need to share,
Like standing tall and playing fair.
When I first saw your precious face,
I prayed your life be touched with grace.
I thanked the angels from above,
And promised you unending love.

Each night I lay you down to sleep,
I gently kiss your head and cheek.
I count your little fingers and toes;
I memorize your eyes and nose.
I linger at your nursery door,
Awed each day I love you more.

Through misty eyes, I dim the light,
I whisper, "I love you" every night.
I loved you from the very start,
You stole my breath, embraced my heart.
As mother and child our journeys begin,
My heart's yours forever little one.



"Little girls are precious gifts,
wrapped in love serene.
Their dresses tied with sashes
and futures tied with dreams."





Little hands and tiny feet,
Shy, and cute, and so petite;
Little whimpers, little cries,
Darling, little sparkling eyes;
Outstretched fingers, wiggling toes;
God, how can you love them so!
Children chase away the gloom,
And sunshine fills most every room;
Little mannerisms dear,
Laughs of happiness and cheer;
You just can't know the joy of home,
Until you have children of your own.
You feel so humble, deep inside,
And have so much parental pride;
You can't describe the joy and pleasure,
God has given with this treasure;
A million couldn't buy the joy,
The happiness, and love, sublime;
They're bundles straight from heaven,
And, Lord, they're really mine

Author Unknown

Priceless Little Parts:
These little hands will grow to be,
big and strong and helpful, you see.
These teeny-tiny little toes,
will carry this body that grows and grows.
This precious, sweet and radiant smile,
will help me go the extra mile.
.....And seep inside, a soul and heart,
Destined to be special from the start.



A new little baby

To love beyond measure-

To add to your lives

More joys and more pleasure

And may each new year

Hold for Baby and you

The happy full fillment

Of dreams that come true


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *


There's nothing like a baby

To put new joy in life

And give each day new meaning

For a husband and a wife

That's why it's such a pleasure

To congratulate you two

And wish the best of everything

For baby and for you


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *


Hello there little fellow!

The good news is going 'round

That you've mad a “happy Landing”

And arrived all safe and sound

Well this just comes to tell you

That you're lucky as can be

To become the newest member

Of so nice a family!



These Are The Years

These are the years, the gentle years

the soft and sentimental years

when wee little fingers

reach and touch

and little eyes gaze

with wonder and trust,

when you love so tenderly

and so much

these are the gentle years.

These are the years the rainbow years

the quiet walk on tiptoe years,

the years of laughter

and smiles and sighs

when both of you watch

with misty eyes

the tiny bed

where a cherub lies,

these are the rainbow years

These are the years, the tender years,

The blissful, sweet-surrender years

when your little treasure from above

is the soul and purpose and center of,

your plans & dreams & dearest love,

these are the tender years



Itsy – Bitsy fingers,

Wiggly little toes,

Teeny – tiny tummy,

Baby button nose -

Lullabies & Laughter,

Lots of “baby things,”

And then to fill your heart,

The Love a baby brings.



Babies are cute and cuddly,

Full of charms,

And custom made to fit in our arms.


Just 12 short months ago

I made my big debut

So now I'd like to celebrate

My 1st Birthday with you.



My little hands play patty-cake

They peek-a-boo and wave.....

They catch me while I learn to walk,

And splash me as I bathe.

They hold your fingers tightly

And touch your heart so deep...

My little hands reach out to you

For hugs before I sleep.....

My little hands are tiny now continued

But yours will serve to guide me.

And when I'm grown I'll still reach out

And know you're right beside me.



“What Is A Little Girl!”

She's a bundle of sweetness,
brightness & fun

The beauty of springtime,
the warmth of the sun

She's Innocence covered with mud,
sand, & soot

She's Motherhood dragging
a doll by the foot...

She's a composite picture of
giggles & tears

Of tantrums, excitement,
amusement & fears

A bundle of mischief
and often a tease

A creature of moods
not easy to please...


Who'll capture your heart
with her pixie-like grin

Or chatter and beg till your
patience wears thin

But obedient, naughty,
mischievous or coy

She's Mom's little Darling &
Dad's Pride & Joy.




What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Girls are made of sugar 'n spice,

Everything sweet, & everything nice,

Girls are ruffles, bonnets, and bows,

Dimpled smiles and dancing toes,

They're tears and giggles, dolls and curls,

That's how it is with little girls.


What Are Little Boys Made Of?

Boys are mad of chuckles & grins,

Tousled hair and banged-up shins,

Things with wheels & frogs in pockets

Questions, baseball caps, & rockets;

They're joy & mischief, fun & noise-

That's how it is – boys will be boys!



These little feet have learned to walk,

And now they've learned to run...

These little feet just love to dance,

They climb and have some fun...

These little feet don't want to rest,

They only want to play... continued

These little feet are busy feet,

They're on the go all day...



A Dream come true

Ten little toes,

Two little eyes,

One little nose

(Button size)-

A wish full filled,

A dream come true...


To all of you!



Aren't Babies Grand

They don't have any teeth

And they don't have much hair,

They can't talk at all,

They can't walk anywhere.

They sleep all day long

And stay up the whole night,

They yell every time

Things don't suit them just right:

But with all the worry

They cause you , by heck,

They do make a home-

(Yeah they make it a wreck)

And they make you so happy,

So proud and so glad

Isn't it wonderful

Being mother and dad!


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *


It's fun to hold and cuddle them

It's fun to watch them grow

& to dress them up & show them off

To everyone you know

So it isn't hard to understand

How happy you must be

With a darling little daughter

Added to your family!



Babies are for bouncing,

and for jouncing on your knee,

For charming you, disarming you,

and giggling with glee.

Babies are for kissing

and missing when you're gone,

For walking with & talking with,

and putting booties on.

Babies are a pleasure

a treasure from above,

They're to adore, but even more,

Babies are for love.



There's magic in a little girl,

In shining eyes and tossing curl,

In winsome simile

and dimpled cheeks

And music when she laughs or speaks

There's magic

in a little girl, its true--

Best wishes to your little girl and you.



A baby girl brings worlds of joy

By merely being there.

Within the shelter of your arms,

The comfort of your care,

And may this joy be just a hint

Of happy years to be

Not only for you, Baby,

But for all the family.



______'s little fingers,

And sweet baby toes

Made these impressions for you

At just six months old.



A Baby Lives Here Now

In the corner of the spare room,

There's a little cradle now:

And the day-to-day routine

Has gotten busier somehow.

There's a bib among the napkins--

And a talcumy perfume

Drifts around the little toys

That lie about the room.

The little teddy bear stands guard

With his round and rolly eyes

When all the house is still

But for the sounds of lullabies.

Yet even without all these things,

It's still obvious somehow

From the happiness that fills the air--

A baby lives here now


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *


A baby boy's a promise

Of happy things to come-

Building blocks... a rocking horse...

A baseball glove... a drum...

Of Lots of noise and action

Of A busy, loving, fun filled home

With lots of joy inside

Bless your precious little heart--

You still don't know as yet

How happy and excited

Grown-up folks can get!

But soon you will discover

The pride and gladness too

That started on the happy day

Their home was blessed with you.



This brings congratulations

And the warmest wishes too

Now that you have a brand new son

To share your life with you

For there's nothing any nicer

Than a bouncing baby boy

To fill your home with happiness-

And Your hearts with pride and joy



Your eyes might be green,

Your eyes might be blue,

My imagination runs wild

With images of you.


Your hands & your feet,

How small they must be,

When you're placed in my arms,

Whose face will I see.


Whether a handsome boy,

Or a beautiful little girl,

We shall cherish the day,

You are brought into this world.


A small child so precious and sweet,

Has come into your lives
to make them complete.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *


______'s little fingers

And sweet baby toes

Made these imprints today

At just Six Months Old


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *


A baby's one thing
the whole world adores,

And the best part of all
this one is yours!



A baby is sunshine &
moonbeams & more.

Brightening your world
as never before.


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