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The poems have been collected from different sources, and
unfortunately I have not always been able to find the author.
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Babies Prayer

I lay here getting ready for bed tonight.

I call for Mom and Dad with all my might.

I am afraid because the world is so new.

Here comes Mom and Dad they look tired to.


The world is new and so much to see.

Tomorrow is another day of learning for me.

Today I cried but not due to pain.

I heard my first storm and saw my first rain.


My mom would hold me and tell me itís Ok

Dad would rock me to sleep at the end of each day.

Watch over them as you do over me.

I love my Mom and Dad, as you can see.


I know I am new but I have one thing to ask.

Nothing real big just one small task.

Watch over my Mommy and Daddy to.

There all I have accept for you.

 Dedicated to Emma Kathleen Organ

By: Jim Organ



You've got a home so full of love,
Yet your not here, our little gift from above.
These days go by so slow as we wait,
For you my boy, to break through life's gate.
I promise my son, to never leave you,
As you Mom & I have worked hard to retrieve you.
This world will be full of temptation & trouble,
And I never expect you to live in a bubble.
I do expect you to give me the chance,
to raise you in love which I know you'll enhance.
You'll change my world, you'll change my life,
And with God's help, you'll be alright.
Please hurry little buddy, and get here soon,
So I can make my happiness be seen from the moon.

I love you Zack,

This poem was written by Kent Smith for his son, Zack, three weeks before he was born. Zack is now 8, and will quickly tell you his "best bud" is his Dad.

Lisa (Kent's wife & Zack's mom)



When God wants something special done
in this world...

He sends a baby and then...

He waits.

Author Unknown

For You, My Unborn Child

by Louise C. Taylor

You, my unborn child
Bring me hope and love
Bring me peace and joy
I dream of gazing
On your beautiful face
You have your daddy's red hair
And my blue eyes
Your nose is so small
And who would have thought
That you'd have freckles already
I dream of holding you close
Watching as your tiny fingers
Grasp at everything in sight
Listening as you sing the
Contented song only an infant knows
And, should my arms never hold
You, my unborn child
I will bear this dream always
I will rock you, love you
And, I know, that I will hold
You, one day, in heaven.
For you are my unborn child
And in heaven, all dreams come true.


Dear Baby,

by Mallory Page Lowe, 
for my beautiful son Cody Andrew Lowe


Although I cannot see you,

I still know your are there.

You are warm and snug inside me,

and require gentle care.


Although I cannot hold you,

or give you a hug goodnight.

I feel you move inside me

and know that you are alright.


Although I cannot kiss you,

or show you how I feel.

I know you share my feelings

and that our bond is real. are with me all the time

and always on my mind.

Already I have fallen in love

with my precious gift from up above.



Autumn Rose

Its been a year since you came into my heart
You laugh and giggle and make everyone smile
You made your way to my strongest part
Your more than welcome to stay awhile

There is no way for me to explain
The love
I share with you
And everything that you contain
Makes every thing you do

You crawl on the floor 
And smile at me
Then you scoot right through the door
You are my everything you see
You are the one that i adore

m trying to get at
Is that
I love you more than time can tell
I hope that you know that

 Love always,
Your older sister, Sara


Cleaning and cooking can wait 'till tomorrow

For babies grow up, as we've learned to our sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep,

I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.



Love Incarnated


Hold your breath

And take a peek

Youíve never seen

A girl this sweet


Long eyelashes

Perfect lips

Feel how strong

Her fingers grip!


Eyes squeezed tight

A baby sigh

Mommy whispers

A lullaby


Daddy tweaks

A tiny curl

In silent pride

His little girl


Not a whimper

Good as gold

In loving arms

That ached to hold


Months of waiting

Now sheís here

They share a smile

And then a prayer


Thank you Father

Up above

For this new gift

Of living love


~ Kristen Singh ~


I can't wait


I can't wait to meet you,
I can't wait to see,
I can't wait to feel all the happiness you
will bring.

I have such big plans and dreams for you,
I will sacrifice anything to make your own
dreams come true.

You will be happy and healthy and free,
So baby I love you .
I can't wait until the day we meet.


~ By Mandy Frazier ~


To my son


To feel you move inside me just takes my
breath away.
The thought of holding you on my side makes
the anticipation grow more and more each day.

I dream of how wonderful this life for you
will be, and although it has it's ups and
downs you can always count on me.

I will sacrifice more than you know just to
see you smile,
As long as you know that what I do is
because I've loved you all the while.


~ By Mandy Frazier ~




and I'm 14 years old and this is the poem I wrote.


Youíre life has barely begun.

Youíre song hasnít even been sung.

I still canít believe that Iíve got you.

But Iím slowly realising that itís true.

In all my wildest dreams Iíve never seen such a pretty vision as you.


But baby Iíve found you and youíve found me too.

Little angel youíre picture perfect in every way.

I canít think of all the things I need to say.

But for now I will only say that I LOVE YOU

And hopefully one day you will say that




Nine Months


I drift into my memories

When I first heard the news

I was going to be a daddy,

This for me was all brand new


Mommyís belly getting bigger,

Oh, how it outshined

The tender glow you gave her

As those long nine months went by


Enjoying every moment

I felt you kick so brave

Waking through the midnight hours

When mommy had a crave


I dreamt of holding you

And pictured how you looked

I even heard your baby cries

In such angelic tune


My joy kept growing fonder

More and more each day

I couldnít wait no longer

To see your precious face


Then I finally met you,

My angel, my sweet child

You were such perfection

And all I pictured in my mind


Now the years have gone,

But memories are still brand-new

Of those nine months I waited

So happily for you


© Copyright, February 20, 2004

By:  Carmen Ramirez






Baby Hamill



Although you cannot see me Iím growing by leaps and bounds

I canít wait to make my appearance and all my social rounds


Mommyís doing good, did you know I can scene her smile?

I canít wait to lie in her arms and gaze at her for a while.


Iím so excited to see my daddy; he talks to me each night

With his head on mommyís belly it surly is a sweet sight.


My heart is beating strongly and it seems I have fingers too

I understand these will come in handy for finger paint and glue.


Mommy, I know you cannot hold me or give me a kiss good night

But you feel me move inside you and should know that Iím all right.


So until my big arrival you have very much to doÖ

Paint my room, get cloths, and toys and plenty of those diaper things



Iím just going to finish growing so I will make you proud

Till then I'm your little angel just hanging out on heavens cloud.


By: Wendy L. Lane



For my children,
Hunter & Alexandra
Rollercoaster mornings,
rollercoaster nights.
Waking in the darkness,
to make sure you're alright...

Little hearts beating,
Little breaths breathing...
Remembering when
I breathed
with you,
for you....

Stroking baby princess hair,
smelling sweet & new...
Darling little angel face,
can't believe you're you...

Tiptoeing into little prince's kingdom,
careful not to disturb his dream..
Of playing the play,
and living the day of life...
In the sweetness of who he is...
And who he'll become,
and what he'll make of me...

And as they breathe...
I breathe with them.

And as they live,
angels among us,
I live with them.

And as they laugh...
My soul is soothed..
I laugh with them...

And when they cry...
My heart is heavy...
I cry with them.

And as they grow...
Part of me looks toward
the future...I glow.
And a part of me yearns
for the past...I mourn.

Yet, we move on together...
And as they sleep...
Night after night...

I look over them...
I pray for them...
I love them...

I thank God for them...
(October 1999)


Our Little Girl

Before you were even thought of
God already had a plan
He would send us a little girl
To raise by his command

Even though we didn't know it
your name was picked out too
So God could have his angels
To guard and protect you

Then he sent you down to us
Much to our surprise
Then we knew we had been blessed
And a feeling grew inside

We weren't sure what to call you
So then we prayed to God
We hoped he would reveal to us
The name he had thought of

He sent word by his angels
>From heaven up above
The name that he had given you


Written by Vickie Keyser
for a special friend

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