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The poems have been collected from different sources, and
unfortunately I have not always been able to find the author.
If you should know the name of any authors not credited;
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Grandma's eyes are never dry!


These children
with their red apple cheeks
and runny noses
fill my heart to the brim!
They frolic like puppies
turning end over end
again and again and again.
How innocent and clever
their eyes are...full of love
for Grandma and
her cookie jar.
They joyfully exclaim
throwing their arms open wide
when I arrive
give exquisitely sweet
kisses and hugs and waves
My oh my oh my !
Grandma's eyes are never dry!

~ Martha Meshberg ~




Close your eyes my pet, I will sing for you, 
it's a lullaby I never knew, 
in this world you know, some things must come and go, 
but my world is all in loving you.

It's a simple song, and it's words are true, 
and I'll do the best that I can do, 
as I write this song, how can the words be wrong, 
when they're all about my loving you?

You've got Mommy's eyes, and now I realize
God has blessed my world with loving you, 
you've got Daddy's nose, a joke I suppose, 
but it's still, what makes up you.

As you close your eyes, here's a prayer or two, 
While you sleep I will be here for you. 
Things might come and go, but this you'll always know, 
Daddy's lullaby is just for you.
      © 2000 ron wilson


My Precious Baby David

 The minute that I saw you

I fell so deeply in love

I was so in awe of you

I swore you were an angel from above.


I love you more and more each day

You bring me so much joy

To me you are an angel

The most special little boy.


I could sit and watch you

Smile and laugh and coo

For hours everyday

I wish I had nothing else to do.


I am writing this just for you

so that you will know

How very much I love you

From the top of your head

To the tip of your toe


No words could ever really express

How much that I love you

How my world is fuller now

And how much that I adore you.


If you are reading this now

From this world I have gone

Please don’t ever cry for me

Each day- brings a new Dawn.


I will always be next to you

Watching over every step you take

I promise to guide you

Through decisions you must make.


Please go through life now

Be the best person you can

I will always be with you

From being my precious little baby

To being a grown up man.


I love you, David.


Mommy - Denise M. Fahs

The Gift



I wonder if you ever dreamed…

About me and the world unrevealed

I wonder if you ever smiled…

Whenever I talk to you from the outside




I feel butterflies within…

Is that you that I am feeling?

I feel happy when you do that…

Now let’s see, what else do you have?




Every night I want to dream of you…

Hold your face and kiss you

Feel your soft skin and smell it…

Give you a hug and tickle your feet




That is real enough for me…

To see you in my dreams and hold you tenderly

However, I still can’t wait to see…

My precious little gift… my baby.



Why God Made Little Boys


God made the world out of His dreams

Of magic mountains, oceans and streams,

Prairies and plans and wooded land,

Then paused and thought “I need someone to stand

On top of mountains, to conquer the seas,

Explore the plains and climb the trees.

Someone to start out small and to grow,

Sturdy, strong as a tree…” And so,

He created boys, full of spirit and fun,

To explore and conquer, to romp and run.

With dirty faces and banged up chins,

With courageous hearts and boyish grins.

When He had completed the task He’d begun

        He surely said “A job well done”.     


My Mother´s Garden

My Mother kept a garden,
a garden of the heart,
She planted all the good things
that gave my life it's start.

She turned me to the sunshine
and encouraged me to dream,
Fostering and nurturing
the seeds of self-esteem...

And when the winds and rain came,
she protected me enough--
But not too much because she knew
I'd need to stand up strong and tough.

Her constant good example
always taught me right from wrong--
Markers for my pathway
that will last a lifetime long.

I am my Mother's garden.
I am her legacy-
And I hope today she feels the love
reflected back from me

Author unknown


By: Jolina Cura

Tiny movements like tiny kicks

Tiny baby, a mother’s bliss

Can’t wait to give the tiny you

Huge hugs and lots of kisses too


What tiny dreams you might have now?

I would understand someday, somehow

I dreamed last night, your tiny face

An angel indeed, made from God’s sweet embrace


How else would mommy know?

How much her tiny little angel has grown?

How else would mommy guess?

If  her little angel  have some requests?


I know that somehow you could now hear

Oh, what a thrill you will bring us here!

Now hush my baby, it’s time to rest

Inside my womb, your own calm nest


May God help me to keep you safe

And always keep you strong, I pray

I love you right before I planned you

And I love you more now that I have you

The Wait
by Ashley Phillips

As I sit here in the room that very soon will belong to you.
I fold your tiny little clothes, knowing all our dreams will soon come true

I get everything ready, do all that I can, Wishing you were here
It won't be long now, that I know, the time is drawing near

A week goes by, the doctor says the time is still not right.
but I am so anxious it's so hard to wait i cannot sleep at night

Another week the docotr says by Wednesday we will induce.
I crack a smile , you are late, you 're your mother through and through.

Wednesday comes and we get dressed, pack a bag, and then we're on our way.
We are so excited, we can't wait, and today , it could be the day.

We get to the hospital, the nurses prep and get us ready...
Here they come, the contractions, going strong and steady

Eleven hours pass, the doc comes in, and he breaks your mommy's  water..
Three more pass still no progress,  your stubborn like your father.

It's Thursday now, we're still waiting, and it's getting harder to deal
We've been in labor seventeen hours, and none of it seems quite real

They come and check on our progress, and still we're just two centimeters..
What, I say, it can't be true, I'm so ready for you to meet us.

An hour later, the pain's too much, they give mommy some medicine for pain.
Mommy felt sick, and you wouldn't move, and in the doctor's came..

His had a bowel movement, his heartrates dropped, and we just can't wait.
We have to have an emergency cesarean, is all I heard them say.

I was so scared, I held on to you, as they wheeled us down the hall,
I laid there on the operating table and heard absolutely nothing at all

I waited as they cut and snipped, for the sound of your voice crying,
And as if on cue, there you were, boy, you've got perfect timing.

As I listened to you crying, I'd never heard anything so sweet.
Daddy leaned over and he said, ten fingers, ten toes , and tiny litlle feet

Daddy brought you to me, all bundled up and snug.
I looked at you, you looked at me, and I thanked God above

You were so beautiful, and so very tiny, you looked just like your dad.
All all of the pain we'd gone through before, no longer seemed so bad

I kissed your head, you looked at me, and our whole world fell into place
For all of the peace and love in the world rested in your tiny face


by Melinda Poulsen


Her little arms reach out to me 

When I walk in the room,

This special little spirit, yes

This child of my womb


The trusting smile she gives to me

While gazing in my eyes,

It causes me to feel as though

I've won the greatest prize


The dimple from her Daddy flashes

In her rosy cheek,

The love I feel inside for her

So strong I cannot speak


I hold her close and kiss her brow

And whisper of my love,

I say a prayer of gratefulness

And send it up above


Her Mother? What could I have done

To earn this gift, this right?
I'm still not sure, but I'll thank God

Each morning and each night.


My Sweet Little Angel

I look at you now, my sweet little angel,
and I cannot believe what i see.
You're looking back, my sweet little angel,
looking back and smiling at me.

It is such a surprise, my sweet little angel,
how happy you seem to be.
Because I was so scared, my sweet little angel,
at what kind of mother I'd be

But you've taught me how, my sweet little angel,
to know exactly what you need
I'm not always right, my sweet little angel,
but you are so patient with me.

I am your teacher, my sweet little angel,
but you're more a teacher to me.
You are now growing, my sweet little angel,
and growing together are we.

~ Ashley Phillips ~


Baby's First Day

Wonder of all wonderment!
Momentous moment when small form
First feels life in itself.
When new eyes open wide
On old, old world.
When tiny hands handle air;
Touch tenderness and love.
When ears first wake to sound
And silent lips find voice and food.
Soon newly wakened baby wearies.
World will keep.
Being born is quite enough
For one short day.
Baby hands rest;
Baby mouth yawns;
Baby eyes close in sleep.

(Poem by Mary Dawson Hughes)


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