Once a upon a time, there were two people who didn't realize that they were leading lonely lives with every passing day. She was miserable and he had been alone for too long. Thru out time their paths had crossed briefly, and within these brief crossings, conversations began. Toward the end of the year closing, both of their worlds had major changes. Conversations became more detailed between and a friendship began to grow.

Something sparked and started a fire of romance for the once lonely couple. Everything seemed to fall in place and yet not to fit together. Their hearts intertwined into the depths of one another. They realized that their lives were meant to be together, for their remaining time. They knew god and destiny were plotting their fate. Timing had always been a question to them. Within this odd timing,

God looked down on the two lovers and decided they had too much love for just two people to keep between themselves. So god gave them a surprise and a chance to share their love onto another. He placed a baby angel in the middle of their love to join the warmth of their hearts and to feel an everlasting love.   

- written by kellie -