Who's Going to Love Them??


Who's going to love them when their mother's gone?

Who's going to hold them and sing a song?

Who's going to kiss them and tuck them in at night?

Who's going to encourage and tell them not to fight?

        I wonder...


Who's going to tickle them and make them laugh?

How's going to love them and speak of their past?

Who's going to walk them and count all their toes?

Who's going to kiss the tears and soothe all their woes?

        I wonder... 


Mistakes of the mother when she was young;

poor choices that caused her life to come undone--

who's going to rock them and sing them to sleep?

Who's going to pray for them and kiss their little feet?

        God will!


He'll wrap them in his arms and tell them they're heaven sent,

he'll love them and comfort them and protect!

And when the sins are all wiped away

they'll be with their mother again---Someday!


Dedicated to all HIV babies


Dianna Wilder

-d. feece-