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Received from Dena on the 18th of September 2001


My name is Dena and I am a 24 year old single soon to be mom.  I am 4 months pregnant and scared to death.  You see, my baby will be born almost exactly one year after my mother's death, I have no father to be to share my little worries with and now I realize I have no mother to ask my little questions to either...  I have two friends who are also mothers and they help some, but sometimes I just have those moments when I feel like my whole world is collapsing and noone understands.  I sincerely hope there is never anyone else out there who has to go through this...


Received from Jessica Neilson on the 15th of May 2001

My name is Jessica Neilson.  I am 17 years old and after experiencing pregnancy and birth I think I have become a stronger person.  My little girl is 11 weeks old and these have been the hardest 11 weeks in my entire life.  I had a bad pregnancy with back pain, indegestion, sore ribs, depression and mood swings.  And being only 17 didn't help as your teenage years are for living!!!  I didn't realise how scared I actually was until I went into labour.  Then I finally realised that I was actually going to have a baby.  I was in labour for 25 hours which exhausted me but when my little girl was put onto my stomach I was overwhelmed and suddenly had alot of energy.  I have learnt that having a baby at such a young age is not the end of the world.  I had support all around me when times got tough.

Received from Anastasia Goldman on the 28th of October 2000

I have just spent an hour looking at your site! I really enjoyed it! Great information and design! I wanted to share with you my birth story and a web page I've been working on for women who've had Premature Rupture of Membranes. I'd be honored if you took a look and maybe added them to your site!

Thank you!

Anastasia Goldman

Received from Adelle on the 20th of October 2000

Hi, What a great page. I am pregnant 14 weeks pregnant with my second child and really enjoy your page. With my first pregnancy I found reading other women's pregnancy and birth stories a great help. I was really lucky the first time as I was going through what my friends refer to as my hippy stage and had access to a book called spiritual midwifery (Quite old) but full of personal stories and very enlightening. 

I found that although nothing is the same as being there, I was better prepared for my first pregnancy and birth than any one else I knew at the time. My labour was not easy or pain free, but I felt in control and knew what all the common procedures were (and possible side effects). It doesn't matter what kind of birth you have, but it does matter that you stay informed and know what is going on with your body. Ultimately we are all responsible for or own health and have to make our own decisions. We have the final say, so trust those instincts. 


Received from Ana on the 2nd of May 2000

My name is Ana and I am Portuguese, but, having married a Belgian, I am now living and working in Brussels. I am 28 years old. We have been married for almost eight months and we are expecting our first baby. My due date is the 28th October 2000.

My husband and I are both thrilled with this pregnancy. This is a very wanted baby. I am now in the beginning of my 15th week and I feel great. Despite the "morning sickness" (I still feel it) and the fact that I am always hungry, I feel absolutely great! It's like I'm full of power, ready to conquer the world! Everything is working fine; we've moved to a new appartement, in the office everything is great and I will be home (in Portugal) in 9 days for my brother's wedding.

At home, everyone is thrilled with the baby. He or she will be my parents first grandchild and my grandparents first great-grandchild (yes, I still have 4 grandparents). 

We started buying baby clothes and it is a real pleasure for us; choosing colours, textures...

I have made already two ultrasounds (one at 8 weeks and one at 13 weeks) and we got both of them on tape which we watched a thousand times already! It's the most beautiful thing in the world! That tiny little baby is really ours! It is a real miracle of love, it is our hope for the future.

I really cannot express all the happiness I am feeling! Everything is just so grand, so overwhelming! 

Of course I am afraid. It's my first child and I know nothing of childbirth except from what I have heard and read. I have two friends who had babies; one had a terrible delivery and she suffered a lot because the baby was too big, and the other had a wonderful, easy delivery and in two days of giving birth she was up and about. I know each case is one case and that there aren't two deliveries alike and maybe mine will be easy, but nevertheless I am a bit scared. But I know that no matter what, I will have my husband by my side the whole time. He is very keen on being there and he is a very calm person; he never ever panics and handles crisis in the most reasonable way. And I can count on my mother who will take leave from work to be with me and she knows what it is to give birth (she had 3 children!).

Well, I think my letter is too long... Thank you very much for allowing me to express my feelings.

Best regards, Ana


Received from Sherry Wurst on the 16th of July 2000

My pregancy/birth story is a very happy one.  After two years of trying and finally finding out I was pregnant, was such an overwhelming happy time.  I spent 50.00 dollars on home pregnancy test and still did not believe it.  I called my hubby at work he came home immediately.  He kept asking are you sure you did it right?  Well how hard is it to wee on a stick?  Anyway I called my sister picked up another pregnancy test headed for her house.  Same thing POSITIVE.  Me and my sister started to cry.  Next to my husband she was the other person who knew my overwhelming sadness at not being able to conceive.  The pregnancy was pretty uneventful.  Gained every month and got to hear the heartbeat every month.  What a beautiful sound.   

On March 1, 2000 at 2:30 AM woke up with bad but not unbearable cramps.  I did not wake my husband, I slept off and on through them.  At 5:30 AM they got a bit more intense and still about 7 minutes apart, I decided to take a shower.  I went to wee and that is when I lost the mucous plug.  Took my shower cramping more intense.  My husband woke about 6:30 AM and wanted to know what was going on.  I explained I was in labor!  His feet hit the floor called his mom and dad (he is self-employed) told them it was time and off to the hospital we went.  

8:30 AM Contractions more intense about 5 minutes apart but only 3 cm dilated not enough for epidural.  They gave me Stadol made me very tired and I dozed in between contractions.  My doctor came in around 11:00 AM and broke my water (that really hurt) after that pain city!!! Contractions were every minute and I was now dilated enough to get my epidural.  They gave me the epidural around 12:00 PM (what a nice relief) I was still feeling the effects from the Stadol as well so I slept the next hour and 1/2.  Some how my mother in law, my mom, my sister and my husband along with about 15 doctors and nurses ended up in my room. (I was the only person in labor, everyone wanted to watch and at that point I really did not care).  At 2:15 I was told it was time to push.  My epidural had worn off enough that I could feel my contractions and pushed with them.  I pushed for about 40 minutes but I was so tired and his head was right there so my doctor used the vacuum and he popped right out.  

Zachary Thomas was born on 3/1 at 3:01.  My husband and I cried, my mom and sister cried and so did my mother in law.  What a wonderful day.  I can't wait to do it again. 

Received from Rebecca Seda on the 17th of May 2000

First of all, thank you for your delivery and labor stories.  It is a relief to hear that you went through childbirth and are still alive!  I am just beginning my eight month, and am quite frightened of "the big day" as I'm sure every pregnant woman is.  It's funny but I feel more nervous about it now that I've gone to childbirth classes than I did before.  I suppose "ignorance really is bliss".  I guess I need to start focusing more on the actual birth of my baby than concentrating so much energy on worrying about the delivery.  My problem is that I pass out with the slightest pain, and I can easily imagine passing out during labor.  I can hardly bare the Braxton-Hicks contractions I've been having, and they're just dress rehearsals for the REAL thing!  What would happen if I did faint during labor?  I suppose that's a question for my doctor.  Would they have to induce labor with drugs?  C-Section?

Thanks again for the information you provide.  And the pictures of your babies are lovely. 

Rebecca Seda - Tampa, Florida

Received from Carrie on the 1st of August 2000

It was my first pregnancy and I did not know any better than to just do what the midwife told me to do.  Everything was perfect for the whole pregnancy.  I never had a problem. 

As the due date approached I told my husband that I felt funny and I was scared. I could not feel the baby move and I knew something was really wrong with him. So we called the Dr. and they told me to come in which I did.  When I go there they hooked me up to this machine. After they saw that the baby was not moving the midwife said he just needed some pick me up and gave me a coke.  After that he went nuts and they there I told you he was ok. I never thought anything of it because I knew they knew what they were doing. This happened so many times.   

After me and my husband both begged them to induced labour because I was over 2 weeks late they refused. Finally they sent me in and they induced but nothing happened. So on Sat. Dec 12, 1998 after being in the hospital since that Wed. before, they said I would need a C-section.  After my son was delivered he wasn’t breathing well and was rushed to NICU.  He was very sick.  He had been in the womb with old fluid and had gotten sick, my hunch was right all along. He was in the NICU for 2 weeks and they told us the day he was born that he more and likely would not make it. I was devastated.  All I could think about was that this couldn’t be happening to me. I was wishing and hoping that God would take me instead.  

But through the grace of God he spared me and my little boy, who is healthy and happy now. I just have a message that I need to get out to people everywhere.  My midwife after this never came to see me or the baby she never even spoke two words to me she just abounded me.  Please if you see a midwife make sure that a Dr. sees you at every visit.  Also please if you feel that your baby is sick or something is wrong and your Dr. will not listen go to a Dr. that will.  Carrie

Received from Elizabeth LaCosse on the 11th of August 2000

I really enjoy your web site and recently gave birth to a 6 pound 11 ounce baby boy named Steven James.

I found out I was pregnant after my girlfriend and I were up all night on our usual Saturday night drinking binge and Beth was just drunk enough to wonder why she hadn't had a period in a month...or so...who knows when?  So, just to keep the party in high gear, I decided to take a pregnancy test. BOOM!!! (I never knew that I could get sober that quick, after that much alcohol.) So, now I'm thinking that I need to have that one last cigarette because it's going to be 6-7 long months until I have the next one and DAMMIT!!! Why didn't I wait until the morning?  and now my child has brain damage because I'm drunk and smoking my last cigarette. Needless to say, he didn't have any brain damage and my first few months went by as smooth as silk. That was, until I developed gestational diabetes in my 6th month and pre-eclampsia in my 7th. I had to see the doctor twice a week during the last month and a half and was put on bed rest for the last week of my pregnancy. The greatest kicker of all was how I thought I was going in for another usual doctors appointment and instead, got sent to the hospital.

This is how it goes: Monday morning my husband wakes me up at 4 in the morning because he is having abdominal pains.  He is bent over in pain and I decide to take him to the hospital.  We discover that he is passing kidney stones and I had an appointment with my doctor that I needed to cancel. I call the office and was told that NO, I cannot cancel the appointment and that regardless, I have to come in and see the doctor. Okay, this sounded like bad news to, being the concerned-about-my-well-being-what-in-the-hell-is-wrong-now mother-to-be, I waited until the last possible second and went over to the office. They strapped me up to the non-stress test and baby looks really good. I'm really nervous at this point because no one is telling me anything and I didn't think a non-stress test was THAT important. Doctor comes in, checks my cervix, and after reviewing my chart tells me to go across the street to the hospital and check myself in because I was going to have a baby tomorrow.  I had a husband in the hospital passing stones and now I was going into the hospital to have a baby.  It was a little overwhelming. Fortunately, the husband was out of the hospital by the time I paged him and told him we were going to have a baby. Let me just say, I was completely unprepared for a) the labor, b) the delivery, and c) the baby.

The Labor.  PLEASE!!! Lamaze Shmozz.  I really think that if I had known how horrible the contractions were going to be, I would have started practicing meditation and self-hypnosis the second I learned I was pregnant and maybe....MAYBE... I would have stood a chance for a totally natural childbirth. Now, I have a high threshold for pain and I can be stuck with needles day in and out and not even flinch, (except for that occasional stubbing of the big toe to which I just curse at the top of my voice instead of screaming.) but I was totally unprepared for the pain.  I had told my doctor that I didn't want an epidural because the idea of someone sticking a needle in my back was a little too discerning. Pardon my french, but I believe that after I was dilated to 2, I told my mother-in-law, "I don't care if they stick a fucking needle in my eye- I want some drugs." I still didn't scream or moan, though up until that point. After the lovely nurse came in with Stadol (sp?) I immediately passed out until the contractions were about two minutes apart.

The Delivery. After pushing for a half an hour, I really wished that I had had an epidural.  Not because of the pain, but because the drugs made me so sleepy and out of it, that it took me awhile to get my momentum going to push. I really think that if I had all my faculties with me, he would have been born after 20 minutes of pushing. I was so frustrated that it was taking so long, ( It actually only took 45 minutes of pushing and then he was out.) that when the doctor asked me if I was ready for the next contraction to begin pushing again, I told him that all I wanted to do was get him "the fuck out." The nurses laughed and the doctor said," You know, I've never heard it put quite that way before." They also were amazed after the doctor told me that he was going to numb me for the epsiotomy when I started singing," He's going to numb me...I am so happy...he's going to numb me...I am so happy." What can I say...drugs. After he numbed me, the rest was a cinch. Steven crowned, I pushed a couple of more times, and he was out.  I held him for a couple of minutes and then promptly fell asleep.

The baby. What can I say?  Being a mother is one of the most thankless, unrewarded jobs on the face of the earth. Plus the most worrisome. I am getting used to the fact that just because my son makes a sound, it does not mean he is in pain or dying. I never thought I could worry this much. The most I used to worry about before he was born was whether or not I had enough money to go to the bar on Saturday night. Now, I worry about worrying. I worry about if he eats enough.  Is he having enough bowel movements?  I even worry about his first day of school already.  Will he make friends?  Will the kids pick on him?  Will he do okay in school?  I worry about him driving.  Will he drive like a lunatic like his father?  What college will he go to?  What will he become when he is older?  It's insane. But, I wouldn't change a single moment with my son. Even when he is screaming at the top of his lungs to be fed- I love being a mother, regardless of the trauma it took to get him here. Plus, I can't wait until he's old enough for us to try for a baby, that's insane.

Received from Jamie Dawson on the 13th of May 2000
Jamie´s webpage - Teen Pregnancy

Hi, on your website it says to send you our birth or pregnancy stories. Well, I have a pregnancy story that is still in progress. Here it is: 

My name is Jamie Dawson. I am 16 years old and I am from Canada. My boyfriend Dustin and I have been going out a little over a year and a half, and been sexually active since we were going out for about a year. 

On November 25 ' 99 I turned 16. That whole week of my birthday I was terrible sick with a flu that was going around, so when it went away and came back the week before Christmas I thought nothing of the vomiting. I went to the doctors the 4th of January and he prescribed me some antibiotics to fight my flu. I had also taking one painkiller that week, that I'd been prescribed a few months before (it was giving to me for bad cramps, but I took it because I had a terrible headache). I was supposed to start my period the first of January but didn't start worrying until around the 12th. I had gotten a yeast infection (which my mom had with all 5 of her children) and that with my late period scared me. On the 15th I threw up for the first time. I went upstairs and told my mom that I was sick, and I was crying because I thought she'd make me go to school (little did I know that was the least of my worries). She asked what was wrong and I told her I threw up. The first words out of her mouth were "are you pregnant"? I instantly yelled at her, telling her I was not sexually active.

The next week passed and I was checking continuously every time I went to the bathroom for spotting. It seemed that every where I turned that week someone was talking about pregnancy. I'd be sitting in Math class and here a teen pregnancy video being played in the next room, or be watching a movie where someone finds out they are pregnant. Even on one of my fav. soaps Carly found out she was pregnant. Finally I decided to take a home test. I confided in my best friend, Chelsie, that night that I thought I might be pregnant. I thought she'd laugh at me and tell me I deserved it (she'd always told me that if her next door neighbour got pregnant she'd laugh at her). I told her I was afraid she was going to laugh and she told me she would never do that to me, and only would to her neighbour because her neighbour was 14 and had been with 15+ different guys. The next day we bought the test and took it. At about 11:30pm, Saturday, January 22 '00 I found out I was pregnant. All I could do was cry. What were my parents going to think? I had the type of parents who loved me very much. I wasn't allowed to do a lot of things, but because they loved me and didn't want me to get hurt, not because they liked to see me home on a Friday instead of at a party. I wasn't afraid my parents would be mad, just that they'd never be able to look at me ever again. That they'd beat themselves up over this, wondering where they went wrong. They were great parents. This was my mistake not theirs.

I told my boyfriend the next day. We wanted an abortion, not because we didn't want a baby, but because we didn't want people to know. My family was quite religious. My mom had been part of a few anti-abortion groups in the past, so I forced myself not to think about what I was going to do. On Sunday my dad came and picked me up from my Chelsie's. On the way home I was telling him how Chelsie's mom had Derrick when she was 15. I asked him what he'd do if I had a baby at 16. He said "My whole world would be turned upside down" It took all I had not to cry. I was my parents first born, and was a 'Daddy's Girl' through and through. I was his pride and joy. We had exams the whole next week of school. On Monday I got to school to find out two girls from grade 9 had died the day before in a car accident. We (my boyfriend and I) went to our guidance counsellor, Mrs. Fox whom he knew well, and told her I was pregnant. She brought us up to the Health Centre the next day to confirm the pregnancy testy. It was also positive which I'd expected. We sat in the nurses office for a half hour, discussing what my options were. I decided then I could not have an abortion. I just didn't feel like I had the right to take away the life of another person, whether it was a fetus or an adult.

They told me time and time again that parents take this news better then you'd expect. I told them "NOT MY PARENTS". Mrs. Fox agreed to tell my mother right after we left the office. I went to Chelsie's and she went to my house and told my mom. An hour after I left Chelsie's I got a call from my mom. She was crying, but she wasn't mad at all. She told me she was sad for me, and asked me to come home. I told her I couldn't face them right now. I was so ashamed. She told me she was going to call my father (who was on his way to a meeting he had in a town 2 hours away) and get him to come get me. My dad called 10 minutes later on his car phone. One thing I have to mention now is that when my dad is in a really good mood he has a silly voice on. When he called he used that voice. When I answered he said "Your mommy wants me to come and get you ok, I will be there in 10 minutes" I said "Do you know", because by his tone of voice I really didn't think he knew, and he goes "Do I know what?" and I said "How much I love you" thinking he didn't know. He said "Yes I do, I will be right there" and I told him he should go home and talk to mom first. Then he told me he already knew. And I told him how sorry I was, and he told me it was alright, and he wasn't mad at me, just worried about me.

The next day I missed an exam because I was too sick, and stressed. The next Monday I went to the doctor. He told me I was 9 weeks pregnant (2 months exactly). I continued to have prenatal check ups every 3 weeks. My next appointment he gave me my due date (September 4th '00) and felt my uterus (externally of course) and left the room in a hurry. My mom, who was in the room with me, looked worried. I asked her why he left and she said she really didn't know. He came back in a few seconds later with a Doppler (a heart monitor machine). He told us that by the size of my uterus there was no way I was only 13 weeks. So he said if he could hear the heart beat, I was either further along then they'd thought, or having twins. WOW! They scheduled me for an emergency ultrasound, and the next day I went in. 

Boy did I have a lot of trouble preparing for my ultrasound. First I didn't find out that my ultrasound was that day until 11am and it was at 2pm. So when I got the call to go in my mom was almost forcing the water into me, and come 12:30 I had to pee so bad I could not hold it. I raced to the bathroom downstairs (my mom was blocking the other one) and peed. Boy did it feel good. Then my mom was yelling at me to drink more and more. After my 3rd glass, because of both morning sickness and the rapidness I was drinking, I threw it all up. I drank one more glass of water and headed up to the hospital. The women there would not tell me how far along I was, but did confirm it was NOT twins. So I had to wait 3 weeks until my next visit to find out when I was due. Well I got there and he told me I was a bit further along. BY ONE DAY. Ohhhh. So they moved my due date up to Sept. 3rd '00.

I still attend school, and everyone at school seems to be very supportive. One guy said something mean to me, something along the lines of calling me a slut or something of the nature, and a guy who heard him, threatened to beat him up. Everyone else has been really great though. My boyfriend and I are looking forward to having our little baby, and my parents are going to help raise it. There only condition to my raising a baby, is that we HAVE TO STAY IN SCHOOL.

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant. 2 more weeks and I'm in my 3rd trimester. I saved all of my money (I have nothing to spend it on any way) and have bought everything the baby will need, except a high chair and stroller. My moms friends bought me a load of stuff too.

I have a few baby showers coming up (3 all together) My mom is having one with her friends, my friends from school are having one, and my boyfriends family is having one. I just had my second ultrasound (usually in Canada they will only do one, unless its high risk, but I got a second because my first one was so early on). This ultrasound went A LOT better. 

My pregnancy thus far has been a relatively good one. I have gained what my doctors say is a good gain. I've gained 20lbs already, but they say that’s good because I was underweight before hand. Still have another 20lbs more to go to gain the idle weight though. At this rate it shouldn't be too hard. I had morning sickness up until about a month ago, when I stopped taking my prenatal pills. I haven't had heartburn yet (knock on wood), or constipation. I have a lot of back pain though. 

Well I will keep you updated as I progress further.


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