birth of my babies; Dina and Herman

 Our first baby - Dina Kamilla - is born

In January 1994, my husband Stian and I found that we were going to have a baby. At that time we were living in London. Stian was studying, while I was working a bit through agencies at different offices in London. However, very soon in this pregnancy I became sick, and had to hang around the toilet most of the time, so I tried to take things a bit easy, without working too much - I was lucky to have this opportunity at that time. After about 4 1/2 months I started to feel better, but I started to experience pain in my hips. It was difficult to walk, and at night I never seemed to find a relaxing position to sleep in.

Anyway - in June we went back to Norway and on The 26th of September the time for giving birth to our baby had come. This particular day was 9 days before my baby was due, so I wasn't really expecting anything to happen. In the afternoon I took a trip to a local shopping center, and while I was there I felt this sudden urge to really go to the toilet. As I didn't feel too comfortable sitting down on one of the public toilets with my huge stomach, I decided to drive home to our flat in Stavanger.

"We are pregnant"

At home, my husband Stian was decorating our bathroom with his father. His mother and sister were also visiting. The first thing I did was to go to the toilet when arriving home at about 7pm. Sitting there on the toilet I suddenly felt warm water running from me. My first thought was "Oh - now I can't even control my bladder…..". However, I soon released that this was not urine, but the result of my water breaking. I cried out to my husband in the room next door that I thought my water had broken. His reaction was a little close to panic, and he as well as my mother- father- and sister-in-law all started to run around trying to help me. I didn't feel any pain at tall, only "tons" of water running out between my legs.

Well - of course - it was time to leave for the hospital. Stian called the hospital telling them that we were on the way, we took my bag (which I somehow had managed to pack just the day before), and Stian and I set of in our car to the hospital - only 10 minutes drive away. On the way I called my sister and mother, as well as Stian´s aunt to tell them that we were going to the hospital. Still I didn't feel any pain at all.

We arrived at the hospital, Stian parked our car just outside the main entrance, and were greeted by the nurses there. I was shown into a room were I was asked to take off my clothes, and change into hospital clothes. At that time my trousers were very, very wet from the water that had broken, and the nurse said that even if the contractions didn't start, I would have to stay there. She told me to lie down on a bed, and two electronic belts were attached to my stomach - one was supposed to read my contractions, and one the baby's heartbeat. Stian had to go out and park our car somewhere else, and during the few minutes he was away the first contraction started - about 8pm.

The nurse told me that they wanted to give me enema. This is normal, because they want to empty the intestine, so that the baby has easier passage out. This was given to me, and I was told to lie still in the bed for about 5 minutes, to let it work. I felt that this was really unpleasant (not painful), and wasn't able to lie still for more that 2-3 minutes before rushing into the toilet. My contractions started to become really strong and painful at this time. Stian and I were shown into a larger room. We had been asked if we wanted any special room, and as I knew that the hospital had one room with a large bathtub, I asked for this. Between my contractions I didn't feel any pain, but every 4-5 minutes the contractions felt quite terrible. The enema suddenly started to work (a bit late), and I was terribly embarrassed when I suddenly felt something rushing out between my legs. This time it was not urine or water, just - yes - something worse coming out from behind. I was so embarrassed, but the nurse didn't mind at all. All she said was that this was perfectly normal, and she cleaned it all up! (No one had ever told me that this can happen!).

The contractions came very often now, and the pain was terrible. I tried taking painkilling gas, but this just resulted in making me feel really sick, and I had to vomit. My husband had brought along some Coca-Cola, and I must say that it was wonderful to drink some of this during the contractions. It gave me a lot of energy and strength (even if it is supposed to be unhealthy). At this time the midwife asked me if I would like to use the bathtub. Hot water was supposed to help me relax and decrease the pain. I decided that it might be a good idea, and the large bathtub was filled up with warm water. It felt great to step into the tub, and feel my body become weightless. The warmth from the hot water was a terrific help against some of the pain.

Sitting in the water made me relax, but soon it was obvious that the baby was about to arrive. The water was pumped out (the midwife didn't want the baby delivered under water, as she didn't have any experience with this - she was afraid that the baby might breath water into its lungs.) Therefore, after the water was taken out, I felt this enormous need to just push and push and push. There was nothing I could do to not push. At this time I was still sitting in the tub, on my knees, facing Stian who was sitting outside the tub. He held my hand and cooled my forehead down with cold clothes. It was an enormous support to have him there with me! During these hours with contractions I had to scream a few times; crying out my pain (I never thought I could cry out so load)- and I must say that it did help to get my feelings out in this way.

The midwife suddenly said that the baby was coming, and told me to push even more, and before I knew anything else, I could feel the baby's head nearly coming out. I pushed as hard as I could, and the head was free. One more push and the shoulders and body came out - behind my back - into the arms of the midwife. She then told Stian to help me into the corner of the bathtub, where there was a nice bean-bag to sit on. The baby was put onto my stomach, and this moment was so enormous for Stian and me. None of us could hold back our tears! Such emotions - it's hard to believe! Stian asked the midwife if it was a boy or a girl (we still didn't know). She said that we could lift up our baby and have a look for ourselves. I picked our beautiful little baby up (even at that early stage we thought she was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen), and saw that we now had a daughter! We cried even more! Only minutes after she was born she started to search for my nipple, and suck. It was a strange feeling for me to have my daughter in my arms for the very first time!

Dina Kamilla was born at 11.35pm, only 3 1/2 hours after my first contraction. I guess I was lucky - such a quick birth is seldom to experience the first time!

Dina Kamilla - a few minutes old


It was now time for the placenta to come out. The baby's navel was tied up and cut - the midwife pushed a little on my stomach, and I was asked to push a little myself. The placenta came out quite easily, and she showed it to Stian and me. It looked quite nice actually (I had expected it to look quite ugly), and she shown us all the veins on one side spreading out like a little tree, telling us that these were called "The tree of life". On the other side we could see the remains of a thin "bag" that had burst. This was where the baby had been all these 9 months, getting nutrition from "The tree of life", which was attached to the babies navel through the umbilical cord.

Our daughter now got a shot in her leg - I can't remember what it was for - but all babies get this shot! The midwife said that Stian should hold the baby - so he took off his shirt, and hold his daughter close to his chest for the very first time. I have never seen anyone as proud as he was at that very moment (and he is still just as proud).

I was helped out of the bathtub, onto a bed. At this moment I felt as if my stomach was strangely empty. It felt like a burst balloon. It was hard to breathe when standing up. The midwife examined me, and told me that I didn't even have to sew one single stitch. Wow - I felt lucky about that! She was certain that the warm water had helped the flesh become more elastic during birth.

After that, the midwife and a nurse took Dina Kamilla. She was going to be weighed and the length measured, as well as other things being checked. They normally check babies for 10 different things (heart, lungs etc.) here in Norway. Dina Kamilla got 10 out of 10 points. While the nurses were taking care of our daughter, Stian helped me into the shower, I got clean clothes to wear as well as a large sanitary pad. It is normal to bleed for a few days after a birth, in quite large amounts!

 Dina Kamilla: 3680 gram - 49 cm long

Only minutes later I got into the bed again, and Dina Kamilla was put into my arms. Once again she started to search for my nipple, and I help her closely to my breast. Stian helped roll the bed out into the corridor, and I felt so energetic. Adrenaline was rushing through me! We called our family and closest friends to tell them the great news, before I was taken to the maternity ward. I was lucky to get a room all to myself this first night, and Stian stayed with us until 4am in the morning. We all became really tired after this exhausting night - Stian had to go home, and I held Dina Kamilla tight to my chest this very first night together. Finally we both fell asleep! Our beautiful baby girl - Dina Kamilla - had arrived!

 Our second baby - Herman André - is born

In July 1996, we discovered that, once again, we were going to have a baby. We found out that the baby would be due on the 17th of April 1997 (following the first day in my last period). However, this date was set forward to the 11th of April by the midwife at the hospital, after taking the ultrasound at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

During this second pregnancy I was even sicker than with my daughter Dina Kamilla, and there wasn't one single day that I didn't have to hang with my head over the toilet. The last two months of this pregnancy I felt so sorry for myself. Dina was at this time almost 2 1/2 years old, and needed a lot of care and attention. I had pain in my hips due to the pregnancy, and feeling sick on top of this really tired me out. I thought I never was going to get the baby out for some reason - emotions and tears were flowing almost every day. Luckily I had a very supportive husband, Stian!





Almost 9 months pregnant with my son Herman André

 The date set by the midwife (11th of April) arrived, and nothing happened. I had to wait until the 17th of April before things happened - and then it happened fast! On this day I had felt so very, very tired in the afternoon, so my mother-in-law had picked up our daughter Dina. Dina was going to spend the night with Stian´s parents and sister (and that was lucky!). I had a restless sleep until about 8 p.m. Stian was still at work. At 9 p.m. I decided that I would like to make a cup of tea, and while I was putting some sugar into my mug, at 9.15 p.m., I suddenly felt the feeling of a contraction running through my body. It hurt quite a lot, but then went away again. I figured that this was just another little "trick" just to fool me! However, only 5 minutes later, another contraction hit me, this hurt even more. And then, after another 4-5 minutes I felt one more coming.

At this point I understood that the baby was on its way. My daughter Dina Kamilla arrived after only 3 1/2 hours, so I decided that I should get to the hospital as soon as possible. I called my husband Stian on his mobile, and it took him only 10 minutes to arrive home. Meanwhile I had called the hospital, and they told me to come, since my first baby had arrived in such a short period of time.

We arrived at the hospital at approximately 10 p.m. Much of the same treatment as last time was carried out, but this time I had contractions when I arrived (with Dina the water broke first, and the contraction came after I had arrived at the hospital). I had a big warm sweater on - because I had been feeling so cold earlier in the evening, and I didn't even have time to take it off before the nurse attached two electronic belts to my stomach - one to read the baby's heartbeats and on to monitor my contractions. Here you see me:

As in my last pregnancy, I was now also given enema (I hate that), and this time the enema made my contractions come even faster, and they really hurt! I tried sitting on the toilet for a while, but the contractions hurt so much that I couldn't sit still. Finally, I got into some hospital clothes, and with my usual good luck I was shown into a special room with a bathtub. I knew from the birth of Dina that warm water would be the best painkiller I could get, so I climbed into the bathtub as soon as I reached this room. My contractions were become a lot stronger, and a lot more painful. Then - with my usual bad luck I suddenly felt that the enema was starting to do its job, and before I could control anything at all, the whole bath-tub was full of ..........shiiit. I just couldn't believe that this was happening again (but they say its normal!).

Out of the bathtub, onto the bed, and the contractions were getting stronger. The water had still not broken, so the midwife said that she would have to help it break. I though that it would be a painful procedure, but I think that all she did was use a sort of wooden stick to push a whole in the "bag" around the baby. After this, the contractions came so quickly that I could hardly breathe. I was lying on my side in the bed, clutching Stian´s hand; gasping and crying. It hurt so badly, and I felt that things were happening just a little too fast! The midwife said "don't push, don't push - because the opening is not big enough yet". All I could cry out was that I just couldn't hold back - because my body was really out of my control. It is so strange how the body just works by itself! Finally the midwife said that the opening was big enough, and I could push and push and push, and there.........the baby came out in a rush, and what a relief that was to me! The midwife saw straight away that it was a baby boy, and she told us! He started to cry at once, and then he put on my stomach. I was still breathing and panting to get my breath back. Now, Stian and I were both so touched, and we cried while we examined, kissed, hugged and cuddled our beautiful baby - this time a son! This incredible feeling you get when the baby is lying there in your arms - it is impossible to explain. Herman also found my nipple very, very quickly, and he seemed to enjoy the peach and warmth from my body!

Herman André was born at 11.25 p.m., only 2 hours and 10 minutes after my first contraction.

Herman and I were now cleaned up. Luckily I didn't have to sew a single stitch this time either. The baby's navel was tied up and cut and I helped to push out the placenta. I really can't remember too much of what happened these few minutes after giving birth to Herman, because I was so exhausted. Stian was taking a few photos, and Herman was weighed and measured.

Herman André:

4250 gram

49 cm long

I managed to take a shower, I got into some fresh clothes and one of the large sanitary pads for the bleeding. Finally I was back in bed with Herman André in my arms. Stian rolled the bed into the corridor, and we called all our family as well as close friends to tell them the happy news. I was taken in the elevator up to he maternity ward. Unfortunately it was very full at that point, so Stian couldn't stay for long. I was so tired, and I guess our little son Herman was so as well. I held him tightly in my arms, and we both fell asleep. The most beautiful baby boy of all - Herman André - had arrived.

Written by Kathrine Jĝlle Wathne, mother of Dina Kamilla and Herman André

And here is the proud father - Stian!

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