Our family supports a little girl in Portugal. Her name is Sabina Alexandra! We support Sabina Alexandra financially every month; and follow her upbringing in Portugal with letters, photos and gifts. She writes back to us as well; and it is so nice to be able to help a child and also have personal contact! Soon we hope to visit her in her SOS Childrens Village in Portugal!

Your sponsorship will make a world of difference to another child!

Many children in our world are orphaned and abandoned with no one but themselves to depend on. When you become a sponsor you take an active part in improving the life of these children. Your monthly support will give them a new life in an SOS Children's Village.

Instead of living in the streets they will be given a home. Instead of working they will go to school. And instead of being alone they will be part of a loving SOS family with a mother and siblings to call their own.

SOS Children's Villages is a private, non-political and non-denominational welfare organization.

SOS Children's Villages offer abandoned, orphaned and destitute children - regardless of race, nationality or creed - a new and permanent home, and prepare them for an independent life.

SOS-Kinderdorf International is the umbrella organization to which all national SOS Children's Village Associations are affiliated.

You can support SOS Children's Villages financially, for example by donations, sponsorships or by legacies and testamentary gifts.

Your family can also help a child - please go here for more information.

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